Hickey and Love Bite-All Your Questions Answered!

Hickey is the word used for love bite or a deep sucking kiss. A bite which leaves a dark mark or bruise on the skin and heals gradually. It occurs due to the vigorous kissing or biting. It is a passionate expression of love in its true sense. So expressing love in an aggressive way of kissing is the hickey.


Question: What is a Hickey?

A Hickey, also known as a love bite, is primarily a set of broken blood vessels beneath the skin. It appears as a bruise, caused by another person’s sucking on the skin area through their mouths. It is a widely employed tactic during love making and stirs much interest and controversy when spotted on someone. So, what is Hickey?

hickey kiss

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Hickey is the modern term used for “love bite” or kiss with the passion that leaves marks. It is just another way to tell you partner about your desire for him or her by sucking skin so tightly. The sign of love could appear on any part of the body, but you can leave hickey marks most quickly on the soft areas like lips, neck and thigh. The mark of Hickey appeared when the skin cells (capillaries) break. It could be painful for some people who never experienced Hickey before or people who has very sensitive skin. That is why is so essential to learning how to give a hickey correctly!

Question: Why is it called a Hickey?

Well, that’s too hard to answer because the exact origin of the word hickey is not known and it is not mentioned in any authentic source. Though some sources depict that the word Hickey was first used by the Americans in early twentieth century around 1905-1910. Another source says that it has probably been originated from the word Doohickey. Well, that makes sense. Doohickey is the alternative word for any unknown term or unnamed thing. So Hickey might be originated from this word. Although there’s no authentic source of this claim either. Anyways it is still Hickey and is a proper noun used until today.

Question: How Hickey and love bite are different?

Every one of you must have come across these terms, Hickey and love bite, at some point in your life. If you have, then you must have wondered how they both differ. Well, for starters let’s just say that both of them are pretty much the same. It is often said that love bites are more of a more intense and lustful one compared to a Hickey because of the mark it leaves. Many people are of the opinion that they both mean the same thing, and the only difference that they see is that Hickey is an American word and love bite is an English word. A love bite, however, is said to be bigger and readily noticeable. Either way, both of them can be described as acts of passion and happens especially when the pair gets intimate and wild.

Question: Who can give Hickey boy or girl?

Ideally, hickeys are not gender classified; therefore, anyone can initiate them. It is more of a marking activity; to say that “I was Here!”. Thus, they are mostly viewed as marks of possession. Their location differs from person to person. The most favorite place is the neck as the skin there is thin and delicate. On the other hand, other exciting locations are also home to hickeys; such as inner thighs or arms. Either way, hickeys are mostly given where they are most likely to be seen. So the neck beats it all.

Question: Where To Give Hickeys Besides Neck

Where else you can give hickey besides neck

While most of the couples prefer to give a hickey on the neck, a few of them only are familiar with the fact that there are other locations on the body which are perfect for a passionate mark. like:-

  • Neck
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Inner Thigh

Question: How Do You Give a Hickey?

how do you give a hickeyFor starters, the first step is to put your mouth on the side of their neck, in a kissing shape. It is important that one leaves their mouth slightly open in the middle, much like when saying the letter “O”.

Once you have done this, the next step naturally sets in, that is to suck in! However, it is vital that you suck in without hurting the skin, and only resulting in the blood vessels to break. This activity at first only leaves the area red. In due time of 30 seconds, the bruise settles in, and you have given your lover a hickey! Check out The correct way of giving a hickey for full step by step answer.

Question: How Long Does Hickey Last?

Hickeys may be fun to get, but they’re not fun when you’re trying to get rid of Hickey. So everyone wants to know the time a love bite generally to get rid. Love bites come in all shapes and sizes. How big yours depend entirely on how aggressive your partner’s kissing (or biting) was. The more forward the kiss, the larger your Hickey is going to be. So, how long does a hickey last? Well, on average, a love bite takes one week to two weeks to fade. If the love bite was particularly harsh, it might take even longer than that.

A person’s health also decides how long for a Hickey to go away. Those in great shape will fade Hickey relatively quickly. Those with health problems or an autoimmune disorder may be frustrated to know that their love mark will last a little longer than most people’s. Because the blood vessels under the skin have been broken, these need time to heal. As with all things healing, the healthier you are, the faster you’ll recover.

Question: How to Make a Hickey Last Longer and WHY?

Many people try to cover up their hickeys either because it’s not considered very professional looking to have them showing. Or they’re concerned about being “too loose” or “easy.”

But what if you’re someone who wants to wear your passionate love marks with pride? What if you’re someone who doesn’t care what people think of you, and you wish to make the hickeys you receive the last longer? Maybe you want to show them to friends, to boast that you got laid, and maybe to make your friends a bit jealous.

Also, if you’re a woman, you might be thinking of baring your hickeys for all to see. Because you think that it will keep you away from potential proposals and irritations, and boys believe that you are already taken.

how to fake a hickey

So you want to make your hickeys last longer. Well, technically, they’re a type of bruise, so they’re going to heal and disappear like any other bunch of broken capillaries under the skin. Still you can give a try to following ideas.

  • You can make a Hickey last longer if your lover gives you more deep kiss around the same area to make the original Hickey area look bigger.
  • Another option is to take various shades of eyeliner—matte finish, no sparkles–and draw a larger random outline around the hickey, then color it in. Of course, you’ll have to repeat this every so often as the eyeliner will likely rub off.

Now, here’s a fabulous idea. Go to the tattoo parlor and have them ink the spot, so it’s permanent. Yes, it is extreme, but this is the one sure way to make a Hickey last without it fading away, and if you’re self-conscious about your workplace possibly firing you for this, just put heavy concealer or a band-aid over it. Heavy concealer might work better in this case since constantly wearing a bandaid in that spot might draw even more attention than a tattoo, or even the first Hickey itself.

Men can also follow the same steps as the females if they want to Hickey last longer. Only you’d be asking your lady-love to do more biting, or even to be the one to draw the border for the bigger “hickey”.

Whatever your reasons to choose a long-lasting love bite, you can follow these suggestions. And you can also brainstorm a bit for your solutions later on if inspiration hits. Maybe during the make-out sessions that brand those lovely passion-bites on your skin in the first place.

Question: Any Possible Side effects of Hickey

Can hickey cause cancer
Although the act of giving someone a hickey is pleasurable, it may also hurt the other person. So you must be careful as to the extent and the degree of intensity you’re enforcing onto the other person. If sucked too much, the bruise might be more severe and may last longer than intended! There are no other side effects of Hickey. All the things about Aids and Cancer are total rumors.

Question: How to Get Rid of a Hickey

Although Hickeys are considered a mark of possession given by the partner and are also very popular in high schools but the main problem with them is that it lasts one or two weeks if left untreated. Trust me, you don’t want your grandparents, teachers, and boss to see your Hickeys.

Question: Any Trick to Hiding Hickeys

Although hickeys are put on as a show-off; at times, you need to hide them from being noticed, such as at workplace. One way of entirely hiding your hickeys is through a makeup concealer as it does the trick very well. Conversely, you may wear appropriate clothing to hide away those bruises. Anyway, it is just a bruise so with time they heal away naturally. Still, you can try these methods to hide hickeys temporally.