Fake Hickey Guide: Ways to Prank Your Friends

Hickeys aren’t anything special. They come with a big reputation, but they’re little more than a sophisticated bruise. When a lover sucks, bites or passionately kisses their partner, the blood vessels underneath the skin get damaged. As blood fails to travel through them, the Hickey turns red, then purple in color. Scientifically speaking, a Hickey is no different to a standard bruise. It just comes in a mouth-shaped size.


Fake Hickey: How it can Help you

Why do people want to know how to get a fake hickey, you ask? Well, here I have explained some common situation in which an artificial love Mark can help guys and girls.

  • Did you ever want to have that “I’ve just been making out like crazy!” look, but haven’t got someone to give you those hickey marks? Well, now you can, with this easy step by step guide.
  • Most people are frustrated by the sight of their Hickey. They find it embarrassing and hate the thought of rumors being spread about them.
  • Others, however, would like to have one, yet don’t get one for any reason.
  • Maybe you want to make someone jealous by demonstrating to them that they had a long, passionate night of lovemaking with a close partner.

Whatever the reason for wanting a fake love bite, it’s first necessary to discover if it’s possible to create one.

how to fake a hickey

Is it possible to get a fake hickey? Yes, it most certainly is! Read on a little more to discover how.
If you want to make a Hickey without kissing, then you certainly have a couple of things to think about. The first thing you need to think about is where you would like the Hickey to be. If you want it on your arm, then you might be able to do it yourself, and this is an excellent way to make sure that the mark is real and in the right shape. If you want it somewhere other than your arm, then try soda bottle method explained below.

1. Using Makeup to Create a Fake Hickey or Love bite

Makeup is used to hide the hickey. One way of creating a fake love bite is to use make-up. Make-up is incredibly versatile and can be used to create all different kinds of effects. You’ve probably watched a Hollywood movie featuring a man within a zombie bite. It looks extraordinary.
These are the things that you’ll need to create your fake hickey.

  • Special effects bruise wheel
  • Some Baby powder
  • A mirrorfake hickey created by makeup looks very real
  • Step 1: The first thing that you’ll need to get special effects bruises makeup wheel. They’re inexpensive and can be found in most theatre supply stores or online. Start off by thoroughly washing your hands and neck where you want to make a fake hickey be and then pat the skin on your neck with baby powder. The theatre makeup will only work properly if it has a clean and dry area to stick to.
  • Step 2: Now place a slight amount of the yellow theatre makeup onto your finger and then lightly make out a little rough circle on your neck. You need to make this circle approximately one or two times the size of the hickey you would like to end up. Don’t overdo the yellow, it should only be just noticeable, almost transparent. Now clean your hands ready for the next part.
  • Step 3: Next, start with a small amount of the red theatre makeup and lightly pat a little rough circle directly on top of the yellow. You can keep adding red makeup until your Hickey reaches your desired redness. Try to imagine what a fresh bruise or hickey would look like, don’t overdo it. Remember, love bites aren’t perfect they are normally odd shapes and even appear quite blotchy.
  • Step 4: After you clean your hands again, try adding a few light dabs of the dark blue theatre makeup to give your Hickey more texture and realistic depth. To keep your hickey from rubbing straight off you need to brush it very lightly with baby powder. The baby powder works to absorb the moisture in the theatre makeup and will help with smudging. Enjoy your Hickey! Have fun, perhaps you could help some of your friends in making a fake hickey too.

Instead of a Fake Hickey if you want a real Love Bite then you can check a Step By Step Guide over it.

2. Use Vacuum Cleaner

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If you don’t want to use make-up, there are other ways to create a fake love bite. Because suction or passionate kissing cause a regular Hickey, then nothing is stopping you from giving yourself one. It’ll have to be on the arms, as your lips won’t reach anywhere, but this is one option.

Another option is to use the vacuum cleaner. For a couple of minutes, press the vacuum cleaner against your skin. You’ll find you end up with a hickey-like mark wherever it has you placed the cleaner.

3. Making the Fake Hickey by Soda Bottle

You will then need to put the soda bottle between your palms and press. This is done to try and make the opening of the bottle into an oval shape, as opposed to a round shape. After all, you can’t have a perfectly round hickey! After this has been done, get some air out of the bottle by applying pressure and place it onto your skin. It should be noted that the more air you release, the faster and more aggressively the Hickey will form so if you only want it to be small, make sure that you only release a small amount of air. When the bottle has been placed onto your skin, let go of the pressure, and it will start to form. The bottle is pulling the skin, and this will mimic the look of an actual love bite, so there are plenty of ways to do this without getting someone else involved.

Note: You’ll need to rinse this out if you want the area to be clean because this will come into contact with your skin to make the hickey.


Many people want to get rid of hickey on the other side, many of them are always eager to have a hickey.

Whatever your reason for wanting a fake hickey, the suggestions above will help. In just a few minutes, you can have a love bite that looks real to the eye. Create story you want to accompany your bite (just keep it consistent). If you’re running a prank, you’ll certainly have everyone fooled. These hickeys will look as real as the real things.