Tips to Hide A Hickey: Easy and Effective Ways

Do you want to have se*y encounters with your loved one but you don’t want people to find out? You just got a passionate encounter with someone, but that last kiss left a Hickey mark on you, and you are clueless about how to hide Hickeys? Well take a look at this article about how to hide Hickey and you’ll be ready for the action in no time!

At some point, every one of us has been in one of those moments full of passion with a certain special person where it becomes unavoidable to give some love bites on the way. Honestly, when you are in the middle of those moments you let yourself go by the intensity of the situation, and you might get a hickey on the neck without thinking about it! The thing is: what do you do about the noticeable mark? So, how to hide a hickey and avoid the comments?

If you are worried about getting discovered, stop! We are going to hand you some practical best ways to hide a hickey so you can get away with it, without getting noticed at all.


Hide a Hickey without the use Of Makeup

turtleneck and hair are best ways to hide love bites

If you don’t have much makeup skills or, have not done that before then you can try using accessories: in this case, a scarf will be your best ally. There are several other accessories you could like jewelry or even bandages, but make sure they look natural and don’t draw so much attention to your neck.

Cover it with clothes

The first way on how to hide a hickey is by covering it with clothes, so if you have any turtleneck or long-sleeved sweaters, this is the time to put them to good use.

Use your Hair to hide Hickey

Another option you can consider is using your hair to cover it up, so if you have long hair, or at least long enough to cover the neck area, use that your advantage.

Use bandages

You can hide a hickey anywhere on your body with a bandage. Simply put a bandage on your real Hickey and make a false story about acne or spider bite. Here we have some more creative hickey excuses if you wanna try.


Jewelry like Necklace Neck-Ring or Bangles can be used to hide the hickey. It is a great idea to use Jewelry to hide love bite. You can choose designer Jewelry which also suits to your personality and also do a wonderful job in hiding love bite.

Use MakeUp To Cover Your LoveBite

how to cover up a hickey

Ladies are usually worried about revealing their hickey marks after getting a love bite on the neck or perhaps on the lips, and then it becomes more worrisome, and they try as much as possible to conceal the marks and vigorously look for ways to hide a hickey with makeup. They make the choice to hide a hickey with makeup because they get hold of them almost every day of their lives. Inarguably, covering up your hickey marks with a make-up may be the easiest way to avoid series of nosy questions from your friends, co-workers, and parents.

One option that a lot of people consider the best way to hide a hickey is makeup, so if you have some foundation and a brush or a corrector, then get in front of a mirror and hide it nicely! Remember to look for a foundation that matches the color of your skin so the camouflage looks real. Check below video if you are planning to hide hickey wirh makup.

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In the process of covering up your hickey mark, you must be painstaking enough to use make-ups that tones with your skin in order not to self-destruct in the process and draw more attention to the love kiss. A little heavy make-up may only be needed to hide your hickey mark, so far it meets the requirement earlier stated above or else your love bite that was passionately placed on your neck becomes too obvious.

Add Green Touches:
To counterbalance the dark to purple tones of a Hickey, a green corrector will be your best choice. Get a Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector/ Concealer in Green, it should not cost more than $5. Blend a thin layer of the make-up over the hickey mark with a foundation brush and finish up with a light dusting powder.

When the Hickey mark turns yellow:
In the course of the healing up, hickey marks are like bruises, they may appear yellow-like or form a green cast. In situations like this, your best option will be a concealer with a pinkish undertone. You may try Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer.
Bearing in mind that your product of choice has to match the color of your skin.If you don’t have the right make up for the job, and then you can always try methods that don’t require any makeup skill.

Tips for Guys to Hiding love Marks

TIps to console love bite for guys

As you can see, girls have a lot of options to hide those passionate love marks, but what about guys? What are the best options to hide a hickey for guys? Since most men don’t have long hair and don’t wear as many accessories as girls, they usually not a good option. One thing you can try is putting a Band-Aid on it because you can always say that you cut yourself when shaving or doing something else while covering the mark.If this is not a good possibility for you, then make sure you cover it with clothes such as sweaters or collared shirts. If the Hickey is in a good position, you could just let your beard grow and cover it naturally!

If this is not a good possibility for you, then make sure you cover it with clothes such as sweaters or collared shirts. If the Hickey is in a good position, you could just let your beard grow and cover it naturally! As there are very fewer options for boys, you can always say it is a fake hickey.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many things you can do to cover those marks on your neck or shoulders, but make sure they look natural; otherwise, it might end up being counterproductive for you! Next time you get it on with your lover and desire takes over that hickey kiss, don’t stress it out!

If you have some time to recover from love bite then you can try our guide on How to get rid of a hickey. Remember: There is always a good way to hide those little secrets and keep the adventure mysterious! As long as you put into practice all the pieces of advice we just gave you to hide a hickey, you’ll be able to leave no evidence behind. So have fun!