20 Creative Hickey Excuses That Work!

Are you in search of a creative excuse for a love bite you just got? Well, you are at the right place because here we have some cool Hickey Excuses for you so that you can hide it from people who are surely going to ask if this is a Hickey. Nobody is going to think that the mark on your neck is cute or adorable in fact they will make you feel real embarrassed, and then you are in TROUBLE!

Whether you need to come up with good excuses for your significant other, classmates, co-workers or even parents, we’ve got you covered, no pun intended.

Hickeys are difficult to hide and if they are at somewhere to be seen. You can wear high necks or scarf to protect it or use makeup on it. You can also try to get rid of it by cold or heat methods, but it won’t help much so try using these excuses for a Hickey we have. Maybe you have some more creative excuses so let us know in the comment section, and we will add them to the list. 🙂


Believable excuses why you have a hickey

Get yourself created by reading these Hickey excuses and be prepared for the next time you get that passionate mark. Hope you will be able to hide it.


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1 An Insect or Spider Bite

The first excuse could be something related to an insect bite.  After all, many unique insects have the potency to deliver a broad range of different looking bites.  Most people are going to be unfamiliar with the large variety of various insect bites.  It also helps if you can claim that you just returned from a trip somewhere exotic where you could run into plenty of different insects, perhaps a place like the Amazon rainforest.  Should the case be that an exotic getaway excuse just won’t work, you will have to settle for the basic spider bite. Luckily, physicians recommend circling your spider bite with a pen to track its growth rate, you can try circling your hickey with a pen and coming up with your spider bite story that will sting all those who listen.

If you are the aquatic type, you can convert the insect bite story to a stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the ocean scenario.  The same kind of storyline, different habitat.

2 Sports Excuses

Next, you could try the old athletic excuse.  If you are the sporty kind, perhaps this won’t be too much of a stretch for you.  Come up with something like you were playing an impromptu game of basketball or volleyball between friends, when suddenly, in your haste to attack the ball, you caught a vicious blow.  Of course, you would have to try and bruise the neck area with the Hickey as to introduce different colors to assist your story.

3 Pull the paintball story

Everybody practically knows how paintball works.  It can be quite vicious in some circles with overly competitive folks.  Just say you happen to get shot in the neck with a magenta paintball, and now your skin is stained for a couple of days.

4  A Stamp

There happens to be a new nightclub in town.  Apparently, the new way of door stamp is now the neck region, looking suspiciously like a Hickey, however, it’s just the way this exclusive nightclub chooses to conduct business.

By picking up this excuse, you will be saying; I was at the club last night, and they had those cool stamps looks like a hickey, and my friend tried it on my neck. Isn’t it super cute?

5 Birth Mark

It happens to run in the family; your grandma used to have the same thing in the same spot. Hickey excuses like a “Birth Mark” requires being confident as it’s a thing you would have from childhood. Try it!

6 What’s that? I do not get a hickey!”

Refusal, rejection, refusal. Get her believe she is viewing issues, indeed only persuade her she wants an eye-test!

7 “It is Fake Hickey.”

It can be the best excuse for you to say that you gave yourself a fake hickey. If someone asks you about your that you can just say that you were getting bored, so planned to make your friends stupid by saying that you got a hickey although it was just a fake one, I gave it to myself by nipping my neck.

8 “Somebody punched me.”

You were in a line at the bar, and someone just hit you in the neck, and you got that bruise on your neck. Wow! Not impossible so that would be a cool excuse. Just say it.

9 “My friend put an apple on my neck.”

This idea is pretty simple and many times works like a trusted weapon.

10 “I burned myself with the curler.”

Do you use a curling iron? Yeah? Get this as an excuse for your “passionate mark” that you were using the curling iron and accidently got your neck burn. It will be the best one.

Note: Let me tell you first, these ideas are not safe and may harm you.

11 “I caught my head in the car door.”

Yes, I got it right-on my brain, stunning, is not it?

12 “There is a horrible viral infection going around college.”

It was a natural infection but your neck that is bad your poor neck eventually battered and bruised as well. Darn germs.

13 “Oh, one of my friends was practicing on me.”

She is along with her boyfriend for three years today and offers each other a love-bite, and they have made a decision just to take another phase within their relationship. You know, for his or her great love and what not as emblematic.

14 “I had an allergic reaction to perfume.”

Saying that you recently use a new body spray or any lotion, and you got this allergic reaction from it will be of great help. But first, make sure that your hickeys kiss mark looks like an allergic reaction.

15 A Temporary Tattoo

Oh, it’s a new tattoo in town. Does it look like hickeys? You surely have to check your eyesight. Well! That is going to help you a lot in hiding your hickey from annoying people who are interfering too much in your personal life.

 16  Road Attacker

Tensed? That your parents are going to ask about that hickey on your neck? Road Attacker Alert! Tell them you were passing by the road and some idiot attacked you. Wasn’t your fault right?

17 Wine Shots

It’s clearly not a hickey, i just spilled wine on myself doing wine shots. These are the real thing, you can ask anyone who has done too many wine shots.

18 A New Story

You are working on a new Twilight type of book and that dark spot in your neck is a marketing tactic. This one works pretty well! You can even tell them that you are making people aware of a rising virus. It’s pretty benign aside from a lot of embarrassing necks bruising.

19 Football

My brother is playing football at home and he hits me with it. It was so hard that it left bruises which looks exactly like the hickey. But, trust me, it’s not!

20 Don’t Interfere

If the person who is asking you about the hickey is not special, then you can clearly say them not to interfere in your sex life. However, this will not hide the fact that you have got a hickey.

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