Can Hickey Give You Cancer: Find out the Truth

Nowadays there is a rumor spread about Hickey among people that it can cause cancer, and some people say it cause aids too. Many people wonder, “Can hickeys give you cancer?” and ask many related queries on social networks. Especially young people are afraid of the Hickey. So, the question is Can you get cancer from a kiss mark? The answer is a big no while cancer could not be happened just by pressing skin too hard or sucking someone’s skin. So let’s find the reality behind that question.

It doesn’t happen on every type of skin, but the skin of youngsters has more chances to have Hickey because of soft skin. Due to soft skin, the blood vessels damages and cause the hickey marks. Plus youngsters are also passionate about love and lack of knowledge make them afraid of Hickey. Some of them are even trying to make a fake Hickey.

hickey and cancer

What is cancer?

To unders Cancer is a disease that causes when the amount of white cell in blood decreased due to a division of abnormal cells. Cancer could also happen when there is a little production of white cell in human body. Primarily white cell helps to fight against bacteria and viruses that affect the body, once the amount of white cell decreased your body start feeling week because it doesn’t have enough strength to fight against infections and bacteria.

What is Hickey?

Hickey is just another name of love bite and kiss marks. A hickey is caused by a lover biting, kissing aggressively or sucking on the soft skin around the neck. It is technically a bruise caused by the breaking of capillaries located just beneath the surface of the skin, leading them to seep blood causing love bite. The blood forms micro-clots that appear red at first and eventually fade to standard bruising colors.can hickeys give you cancer

Hickey is the red or purple scar on skin causes due to broken capillaries. Mostly when the skin has been kissed too hard, sucking skin or due to biting (e.g. love bite). It is same like if you slap on your sink too hard, and the skin turned red and healed with the time.

It is true that you can get a blood clots or tumors in hickeys, but every tumor is not cancer and especially when it’s happened on the first layer of your skin. Your skin can get blood clots when it’s internally damaged due to some accident or even pressing the skin too hard, and this is what happened in love bites.

Any clot formed in a love bite is of minute significance and are part of the healing process. When to be concerned about a Hickey is when it doesn’t heal. This signifies the body is not healthy and can be a sign of cancer such as leukemia. Any bruising for that matter that doesn’t heal properly is worthy of being checked by a doctor.

So, What is the Conclusion about Hickey and Cancer Relation?

So, don’t worry if your skin is red or purple or even if it’s hurt due to Hickey because it is normal and it does not mean that you are suffering from some severe infection like cancer. So next time when someone asks you that DO HICKIES CAUSE CANCER? Say NO!! It doesn’t.

You need only to worry about if the hickey area bleed and your partner is infected by aids, or he or she is HIV Positive. Learn more about the risk of contracting aids through hickeys.

Still, if you are worried about your Hickies or Love Bites then try to Get Rid of a Hickey or you can also try to hide the hickey.