Urinary tract infection can lead to miscarriage

The symptoms are characteristic and the problem quite common, but the danger is even greater during pregnancy. A urinary tract infection is a major cause of miscarriage in Brazil.

Some characteristic signs may indicate that there is something wrong, the most common being: discomfort when urinating, pain and feeling of a full bladder even after going to the bathroom. The problem occurs due to the entry of bacteria in the urinary canal and mainly affects women, because of the proximity of the anus with the region.


Increased risk

During pregnancy, the increase in humidity in the vaginal region, makes the environment extremely favorable for the passage of these microorganisms from one area to another.

Another factor that contributes to the higher incidence in this public is the physiological changes such as the reduction of the bladder to hold the baby, which can lead to the accumulation of urine. The great presence of bacteria present in it can facilitate the appearance of the problem.

According to data released by the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Gynecology and Obstetrics (Febrasgo), in 2007, urinary tract infection was the second leading cause of premature death in fetuses up to three months of gestation , second only to cases of eggs or bad sperm. formed that lead to undue chromosomal changes.

In addition to the risk of miscarriage, the lack of treatment can cause the infection to reach other organs, such as the kidneys. When it reaches severe levels, it can become a generalized infection, another reason that can lead to death.

Attention to history and medications

In the case of people who have suffered previous cases of urinary tract infection, the problem should be reported to the doctor, as well as women who have already had more than three children or who are diabetic (factors considered to be facilitating agents for the onset of the disease).

Prenatal care

The main method to prevent the emergence of all these risks for both mother and baby is to perform prenatal care. From the beginning to the end of pregnancy, the examinations of this period aim to prevent numerous diseases and urinary tract infection is one of them.

Performing the urine test is enough to detect the infection. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the lower the risks for the child.

At home, pregnant women should increase the amount of fluids ingested and not wait too long to go to the bathroom when the urge arises.