What is allowed during pregnancy

The gestation period is usually surrounded by care related to the health of the mother and baby. With different sensations, the child’s development and the belly constantly increasing, the woman ends up becoming more sensitive and stops performing certain tasks.

Avoiding certain situations is important for the baby’s health, but when care turns into excess, it is time to pay attention and change habits. Realizing what can or cannot be done helps a lot, especially when doubts arise:


Sleeping face down

Although it seems dangerous, if the pregnant woman is comfortable, this position does not pose any risk. However, with the increase of the belly it is common for the pregnant woman to prefer lateral positions. Using a pillow between your legs is ideal in these cases.

Work up to nine months

As long as there is medical authorization and the pregnant woman feels good there is no problem, as the mother can leave the license reserved only after the baby is born. However, the type of profession in which the mother works must be observed. Environments that cause physical and emotional stress can harm pregnancy.

Having sex

In normal pregnancies the woman and her partner can relate without worries. It is important to avoid sexual contact in risky cases, such as: low placenta, threatened abortion, premature labor , as well as the end of pregnancy. However, the best thing is to talk to the doctor responsible for the pregnant woman and check which situations are released or not.

Having animals inside the house

Simple care with hygiene and health of the animal can reduce the risk of suffering problems during pregnancy. In the case of hygiene of the animals, the pregnant woman should ask someone else to carry out the activity.

Go by airplane

The rule in this regard does not vary and is restricted to eight months of gestation . In addition to labor on the plane, early pregnancy also risks losing the baby.

Before this period, it is important to take some precautions, such as: using elastic stockings and constantly moving around the aircraft (to avoid circulation problems).

Just blood

It is not indicated, as the amounts of iron can drop dramatically and compromise the health of both the mother and the baby.

Eat for two

Eating for two is a myth that persists today. Eating too much can harm both, as the pregnant woman does not need as much energy. What counts is the quality of the food. The diet should be regulated and well diversified, with vegetables, fruits, lean meats and many other healthy foods.