What is not normal during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is characterized as a period of new discoveries. Different sensations mark the stage in which the baby develops, but for some mothers it is difficult to know to what extent they feel normal or not. Some signs may be related to more serious problems, so it is important to be aware.

Pain, swelling, vomiting are some of the common problems that the mother goes through during pregnancy. However, when they become intense or associated with other discomfort, they deserve more attention.


Lack of baby drive

It is common for the baby not to move all the time, and from the 22nd week this fact becomes more visible, however if the mother does not feel it for more than 24 hours it is necessary to consult the doctor. The absence of the baby’s movements may be related to more serious problems.

Severe pain in the belly with or without nausea

These discomforts can be associated with poor digestion and also gastroenteritis . Another problem that causes these symptoms is the gestational disease called pre-eclampsia .

High fever

The fever is usually associated with some sort of infection and if left untreated can be extremely harmful to the baby, even leading to miscarriage. If the body temperature exceeds 39º C it is important to consult the doctor.

Severe pain in the lower abdomen

The simple distension of a ligament can be the cause of the pain, but it is necessary to be attentive, because a series of factors can cause the problem: ectopic pregnancy , premature labor , detachment of the placenta or even the presence of fibroids.

Disproportionate weight gain

It is common during pregnancy to gain weight, but when it happens suddenly and unrelated to food, there may be a problem. When associated with vision disorders, headache and swelling can be a sign of pre- eclampsia .

Vision disorders, swelling and headache

In addition to pain in the belly and nausea, the appearance of pre-eclampsia can bring more signs, such as blurred or duplicated vision, accompanied by swelling in the face and hands, in addition to headache .


Many women suffer from this discomfort, but vomiting several times a day can cause dehydration. In that case, the doctor may recommend medications to alleviate the problem.

Burning when urinating

Burning or pain in this situation, combined with chills and fever can be a sign of problems, such as urinary tract infection . Treatment should be done as soon as possible so as not to cause risks to the baby.

Increase from home and urine

They are characteristic signs of gestational diabetes . In addition to these, other symptoms such as fatigue , increased appetite, weight loss and infections are also recurrent in this case.

Different looking stools and urine

Darkened urine and light-colored stools can indicate liver problems, such as hepatitis. Any change requires attention on the part of the pregnant woman and consultation with the doctor must be made.

When to see the doctor?

All cases require medical attention. The functioning of the organism in pregnancy changes naturally, a fact that brings different and uncomfortable sensations such as pain and other symptoms characteristic of this period.