Understand how medicines work in the body

Currently, the amount of substances used in medicines is immense, and each one has a different purpose. In addition to diversity, it is known that there are different ways of presenting the principle. But, and what is the difference between each of them?

It is essential that they are ingested correctly so that health problems do not worsen. In this way, avoid self-medication and whenever necessary, seek medical attention.

As it happens

Each substance takes a certain amount of time to have the expected effect on the body. But, this factor can also suffer interference due to its form of presentation.

The pills used under the tongue have an effect similar to that of injections. As the area where they are placed is full of small blood vessels, they are usually faster to absorb.

Common pills are usually absorbed only when they reach the intestine, since most drugs need to be taken with the help of some liquid (avoid interaction with alcoholic beverages).

Reading the package insert before using it is essential. Only with the instructions contained therein is it possible to avoid major problems.

In addition to avoiding self-medication, it is important that the patient always tries to ingest the medication at the recommended time. There are many substances that need specific time intervals in order not to change their effect.

Injectable use

Medicines for injectable use are usually sold only with prescription retention, and in most cases they are only applied in the hospital environment. When they are administered intravenously (directly reaches the bloodstream) the absorption of the substance is practically immediate, and for this reason it is usually used in cases of severe pain and more serious illnesses.