Temozolomide: find out the indications for use and the price

The cancer is a disease that causes many physical and emotional discomfort for those suffering with the problem.

When malignant, the treatment is complex and delicate, changing not only the patient’s routine, but also the people in his / her community.

To help the existing therapeutic resources, such as radiotherapy, there are drugs that aim to enhance the fight against the tumor.

This is the case of drugs that use the active ingredient Temozolomide in its formulation, a substance that has anti-cancer action.


What is the active ingredient Temozolomide?

Temozolomide is the active ingredient in some chemotherapy drugs, used in the treatment of brain tumors and cases of skin cancer in which the tumor has spread to other organs.

The route of administration is intravenous or in capsules.

It has anti-cancer action and its effects start soon after the administration of the first doses.

Indication: What is Temozolomide for?

Temozolomide is used to treat patients with different tumors. Between them:

  • Newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme (along with radiation therapy) – a tumor that affects the brain and spine;
  • Glioblastoma multiforme that reappeared after previous treatment;
  • Malignant glioma – tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord;
  • Anaplastic astrocytoma that reappeared after previous treatment – tumor that affects the brain;
  • Metastatic malignant melanoma – skin cancer that has spread to other organs.

What are the reference, similar and generic options?

The active ingredient Temozolomide is present in drugs produced by different laboratories.

Among them, there are the options of:

  • Reference medication – originator of the formula;
  • Similar medicine – same efficacy and effect as the reference, but with different excipients, for example;
  • Generic medicine – same characteristics as the reference, but without the trade name.

Among the options are:


The temozolomide is the reference product based on Temozolomide, manufactured by Schering-Plow.

He was the originator of the formula using Temozolomide and was the first to have its effectiveness proven by ANVISA.


Temolide is one of the similar drugs, manufactured by Bergamo.

It has the same efficacy, pharmaceutical form, route of administration and dosage as the reference, however, with different excipients.

The drug was registered with ANVISA in 2015.

Temozolomida Sun pharma

The drug manufactured by Sun pharma is one of the generic drug options.

It was registered by ANVISA in 2015 and has the same characteristics as the reference, but without the trade name.

Temozolomida Eurofarma

The Temozolomide manufactured by Eurofarma is a generic option containing the active ingredient. It was registered by ANVISA in 2019, being a generic medication.

Dosage: how does the package insert indicate to use?

According to the package insert of the reference medicine – Temodal – it is recommended to ingest the capsules together with water once a day, on an empty stomach. Preferably 1 hour before breakfast.

Regarding the dosage, always follow the doctor’s instructions.

If treatment with Tomozolomide is done together with radiotherapy sessions, the dosage will be divided into 2 phases: concomitant and monotherapy.


The concomitant phase is when Tomozolomide is used in parallel with radiotherapy sessions.

In general, treatment starts with a dosage of 75mg / m² and the daily dose varies according to the patient’s physical characteristics.

The recommendation is that this dose should be administered over a period of 42 days.

After that time, the medication is stopped for 4 weeks and then treatment with the medication alone (without radiotherapy) is started.


The monotherapy phase is when the drug is used without other treatments in parallel.

During this period, there can be up to 6 treatment cycles, of 28 days each, depending on the patient’s clinical condition.

In general, the 28-day cycle consists of 5 days of medication use and a 23-day interval (without drug use), until a new cycle begins.

According to the package insert, the initial dose is 150mg / m², once a day.

Doses can be adjusted by the doctor in charge, depending on the characteristics of each patient.

What are the side effects of Temozolomide?

Like other medicines, Temozolomide can have side effects for some people.

Among the most common are:

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Common symptoms are:

  • Oral candidiasis ;
  • Pharyngitis;
  • Simple herpes ;
  • Low in the level of white blood cells;
  • Low lymphocyte level;
  • Deficiency of platelets in the blood;
  • Weight loss;
  • Hyperglycemia ;
  • Anxiety ;
  • Insomnia;
  • Mood swings;
  • Dizziness;
  • Difficulty concentrating;
  • Difficulty memorizing;
  • Somnolence;
  • Tremors;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Difficulty in hearing;
  • Hemorrhage;
  • Edema;
  • Cough;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Sores inside the mouth;
  • Dermatitis ;
  • Dry skin;
  • Itch;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Urinary incontinence ;
  • Fever;
  • Disturbance of taste.

Among the uncommon adverse reactions , which may occur, are:

It is worth remembering that each organism reacts differently to medication. That way, not everyone will necessarily have one or more side effects.

Price: where to buy Temozolomide cheaper?

The price of Temozolomide may vary according to the geographic region, establishment of purchase and laboratory that manufactures the medication.

In general, its cost can be from *:

  • Temodal 20mg — R$514;
  • Temozolomida Sun Pharma 20mg — R$318;
  • Temozolomida Sun Pharma 100mg —  R$1360;
  • Temozolomida Eurofarma 20mg — R$319;
  • Temozolomida Eurofarma 100mg — 1035.

* Prices consulted in February 2020. Prices may change. 

To buy prices quickly and simply, you can use the website of Consulta Remédios , which indicates the best prices in pharmacies in different regions.

Is Temozolomide registered with ANVISA?

-Yeah . The active ingredient Temozolomide is registered with ANVISA, by different laboratories. Between them:

  • Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals;
  • Schering-Plow Pharmaceutical Industry;
  • Eurofarma Laboratories;
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals of Brazil;
  • Bergamo Pharmaceutical Chemical Laboratory;
  • Zodiac Pharmaceutical Products.

The reference medicine, that is, originator of the formula, is Temodal, manufactured by Schering-Plow Indústria Farmacêutica. It was registered by ANVISA in 2011.

Are you in the SUS or in the ANS list?

No . The substance Temozolomide is not part of the National List of Essential Medicines (RENAME), that is, it does not participate in the list of drugs distributed directly by SUS.

However, if the patient has a medical prescription and is unable to finance the medication, there is the possibility of filing a lawsuit, requesting the coverage of treatment by the State.

For that, it is necessary to present some documents such as exams, medical report and price quotation in 3 different pharmacies.

The ANS List, on the other hand, is the list of minimum procedures (exams, surgeries, consultations) that health plans are obliged to cover for clients.

Treatment of brain tumors with Temozolomide is not on that list.

How to budget Temozolomide?

For cases in which there is no distribution of a medication by SUS, and the patient is unable to afford the costs of treatment, it is possible to request the cost of medication by the State.

For that, it is necessary to open a judicial process with the information:

  • Medical report;
  • Exams;
  • Application;
  • Budget in 3 different pharmacies.

For the realization of the quotation, it is possible to obtain assistance in advising on the quotation of high-cost medications , which makes a personalized quote in a simple and easy way.

The process of finding a cancer is, in most cases, a difficult period.

The symptoms of the disease, side effects of medications and therapies make the process of treatment and recovery even more complex.

To help and even enhance the fight against the disease, there are substances such as Temozolomide, which act to fight the tumor.

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