Ointment or pill? What is the best cold sore medicine?

If there is great discomfort, affecting the patient’s chewing and speech, the doctor or dentist may recommend the use of topical remedies, such as gels and ointments on the spot. In general, medications help to reduce pain and inflammation through antibacterial, antiseptic and anesthetic action.

Patients with severe oral involvement, who have extensive, long-lasting wounds and which have a great impact on well-being, can be indicated for systemic treatment, that is, oral treatment with medications to reduce pain and inflammation.

But it is always important to emphasize that, often, medications confer side effects and their need must be assessed in each case by the doctor or dentist.

More recently, dental therapies offer an alternative to accelerate the recovery of thrush and relieve symptoms: they are laser therapies. But not all cold sores are treated with these measures, only when the case is aggressive and intense.

In these cases, the patient receives occasional applications of low-intensity therapeutic laser directly on the cold sore, causing the healing process to be accelerated.

Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses can also be indicated by a specialized professional, as the product assists in the cleaning of wounds or more superficial injuries, such as thrush.

It is worth remembering that medications are preferably used in cases where the lesions are extensive, long-lasting or recurrent, according to the guidance of the doctor or dentist .

Ointment for cold sore

Canker sores creams, ointments and gels can work by anesthetizing and reducing the inflammation of the area, being applied directly to the lesion according to medical advice. Among the most prescribed are:

  • Gingilone ;
  • Ad-muc;
  • Aftine ;
  • Colujet ;
  • Mud Oral.

In addition, the doctor or dentist may prescribe benzocaine- based drugs  , which serve as local anesthetics for topical use. That is, they are ointments that can be applied to cold sore and promote reduced sensitivity.

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Cold sore tablets

Among the oral medications to help with cold sore (with medical guidance) are:

  • Prednisone , which helps in reducing inflammation;
  • Thalidomide , which can be indicated in cases of severe persistent thrush.


NEVER  self-medicate or stop using a medication without first consulting a doctor. Only he will be able to tell which medication, dosage and duration of treatment is the most suitable for his specific case. The information contained on this site is only intended to inform, not in any way intended to replace the guidance of a specialist or serve as a recommendation for any type of treatment. Always follow the instructions on the package insert and, if symptoms persist, seek medical or pharmaceutical advice.