Fringe: what types match each type of face?

If you are already super excited to have a new fringe cut and, in the end, ended up not achieving the desired result, know that you are not the only one.

Unfortunately, this is something that happens to many people, whether due to trying to cut the wires at home, without professional guidance, or because of the choice of style that does not match their face type.

So, if you have the objective of adopting a new trend, read the text that Minute Healthy prepared with tips that will help you choose the right bangs. Check out


Who can wear bangs?

The fringe adapts to any style, however, you need to select the right type.

There are no rules regarding fringes, so anyone can use them. However, there are several ways to adhere to the trend, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate fringe cut carefully.

In addition, it is necessary to reflect on the practicality that the style offers for everyday life, since each type of fringe requires a certain amount of time to be fixed. Therefore, it is not enough to just make the correct cut, but also to take care to maintain the look during the routine.

Another detail that must be taken into account is the size and thickness of the fringe, because when the strands are very heavy, they tend to make the forehead warmer, increasing the sweat in the region.

For those who have acne , this effect is not pleasant, as it leads to excess oil on the skin and also to the appearance of more pimples. Therefore, it is valid to opt for lighter bangs.

Types of fringes

The baby bang fringe is one of the most popular.

There are different styles of fringes, from those that have become more popular recently, to those that have been almost unanimous during previous decades, and are now back on the rise. Know the most adopted types:

Baby Bang

The main characteristic of the baby bang is the cut of the fringe above the eyebrow, in most cases, super short, helping to enhance the face and the design of the eyebrows, which is more apparent.

It is possible to use the baby bang style in a straight, frayed way and to the side.

Because it is not a fringe used by women often, those who normally invest in this trend, want a more daring and creative appearance, leaving the conventional fringe patterns.

Thus, it is important to have a professional orientation to avoid mistakes, as the bangs can be short beyond what was expected, especially when it comes to curly locks.

Curtain bangs

Trend 70s, this style of bangs has the length at eye level and the longest side strands.

It is also known as curtain fringe, as it is divided in half, forming an opening similar to a curtain, so it serves as a frame for the face.

The model of bangs curtain bangs is considered to be very versatile, adapting to long, medium or short haircuts.


The rockstar fringe is suitable for those who do not want to drastically change the length of the fringe, as it is characterized by being longer (nose height) and being less thick.

In addition, it is more practical and easy to take care of on a daily basis and matches any haircut.

Who wants to enhance the look of this fringe and make it more modern, can apply the messy texture on the hair that leaves the threads with messy effect.

Half Moon

The half-moon fringe is one of the most classic and used, it is made by cutting the wires in a rounded shape. The thickness is usually full, giving greater volume to the fringe.

The advantage of choosing it is that, like the fringe curtain bangs, it frames the face, helping to disguise and soften the facial features.

Which fringe suits each type of face?

For both the haircut and the bangs, the shape of the face is an important parameter taken into account, as it helps to predict the cut that will best fit and match the person. The most common formats are:


It is characterized by having both the length and width line the same size. There are also no very marked angles, as there are no straight lines for this.

Apples of this type of face tend to be wide and the lower jaw a little prominent, while the forehead is lower. In this case, they combine bangs that are long and with frayed threads, like the rockstar.


Like the round face, the square type has both lines with the same dimension, but with the difference that the lines are more notable for being well marked. In this way, the angles present are all right.

In this situation, multi-layered and peaked fringes are applied, which create a more voluminous look, leaving the face with smoother lines.


People with a triangular face have strong and well-defined features, as the forehead tends to be narrower and taper as it approaches the base, making the jaw wider and, consequently, forming a triangle.

In the case of this shape, straight and fringed bangs are more appropriate, as they help to disguise the narrow shape of the forehead, making the face more asymmetrical.


This shape presents the line of the length, on average, one third greater than the line of the width, making this a type of light face. The oval face does not have any very prominent angle, contributing to a smooth and delicate appearance.

Who has this type of face, is at an advantage to use different fringe models, because it is short or long, will be fine.


It has a line of length almost twice the line of width, however, the contours have more straight and angular lines.

In general, the fringes of irregularly cut and light form better match with this type of face, however those that are longer and layered, can also enhance the rectangular shape.