How to consume egg in the diet? Learn 4 ways to prepare

The boiled egg is generally the most suitable way for those on a diet, but there are several ways to prepare a tasty meal, varying the menu and enjoying the benefits and nutrients of the egg.

Egg-based recipes, such as sighs and eggnog, are ways to eat the food, however, it is possible that food and nutritional characteristics are lost when cooking or baking it.

Some care must also be taken in preparing the food. The consumption of raw eggs, for example, increases the risk of contracting salmonella infection, a bacterium present in the intestines of chickens that can affect the egg.

The main tip is to avoid consuming raw food. A few minutes of cooking is enough for salmonella to no longer pose any health risks.

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Check out how to consume the egg in different ways:


How to prepare boiled eggs

The egg should be at room temperature and placed directly in the boiling water. The technique is so that the peel does not break during cooking.

The time can vary between 6 and 10 minutes, depending on the consistency that the egg is desired:

  • 4 minutes : soft and hot yolk but still liquid;
  • 6 minutes : soft yolk and partially cooked;
  • 8 minutes : hard yolk and in the middle half soft;
  • 10 minutes : hard yolk and egg white.

How to prepare poached eggs

A pot of water should be boiled and, when it boils, add a spoonful of white vinegar. This prevents the yolk from scattering or spreading, causing the egg to lose its shape.

Over a low heat, the eggs should be added carefully so that they do not mix and maintain their shape. One of the traditional cooking modes indicates that, after inserting the eggs, the fire must be turned off and the pot covered. Thus, cooking takes place through heat.

With a skimmer, gently remove the eggs after 4 minutes.

How to prepare scrambled eggs

The ideal is to prepare scrambled eggs with little or no fat, so that their caloric value is not altered.

You should break the eggs in a container, add salt and mix them well until the mixture is homogeneous. With a non-stick frying pan heated without oil or with as little as possible, the eggs should be carefully poured and stirred slowly until they are at the desired point.

How to prepare omelet

The process is very close to scrambled eggs, but after pouring the beaten eggs into the pan, it must be covered until the food is cooked.

In general, the omelet is added with spices or other foods. To make the meal more enriched, you can add tuna, turkey breast, white cheese, parsley, tomato, as well as herbs, such as oregano and pepper.

How to preserve eggs

Not everyone can buy eggs directly from the farms, so it is always necessary to be aware of the validity. For this, choosing products of known origin is essential, as soon as the expiration date is marked on the packaging.

In general, egg cartons that have a cracked or broken unit should be avoided. But if the cracked shells are only noticed when preparing food, that unit should be avoided.

It is also recommended not to leave other foods or products close to the egg, as soon as its shell is porous and tends to absorb odors.

Although most refrigerators have spaces for eggs on the door, it is recommended that they be stored on the shelves so that constant temperature variation is avoided.

In addition to storage precautions, keeping the product fresh is not always possible. Therefore, it is recommended to test each unit before starting the preparation.

For this, it is possible to dip the eggs in a container with water. When the food is fresh and fit for consumption, it sinks. Thus, the older, the lighter the egg gets.

After the shell is broken, the yolk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, as long as it is in a covered container. The clear one lasts up to 3 days.

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