What helps to maintain weight: exercise or diet? Understand!

People who suffer from weight-related problems often look for options to reduce the numbers on the scale.

Some practices, such as physical exercise and a less caloric diet, are already among the commonly used recommendations.

Together, the two are effective in making a person lose weight. However, we hardly know how effective each is when analyzed separately.

A new study, published in the March issue of the journal Obesity, and conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, revealed that exercise can be more effective than diet.

Some participants with controlled weight consumed the same amount of energy (that is, calories) as other participants considered obese. And there is a reason: more exercise.

The results show that participants who practiced more physical activities and ingested an amount of calories similar to those who were overweight, managed to maintain their weight.

Thus, they were more effective than the means of maintaining weight by restrictive eating.

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Diet and exercise: it is best to combine them

As already seen between the two methods, the most important to control weight was the practice of physical exercises.

Through urine tests, it was possible to measure exactly the energy expenditure of each participant. For the study, people were evaluated who, at some point in their lives, were overweight, lost weight and tried to maintain the appropriate weight.

Among those who did more activities, the energy expenditure in each physical exercise was higher. On average, they burned 180 more calories than the other participants.

According to the study’s authors, maintaining energy balance through physical activity is more effective in controlling the amount of energy than a serious restriction of food to prevent weight gain.

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The practice of regular physical activities helps to maintain weight and health in general. Keeping it together with a balanced diet is the best way to have more well-being and quality of life.