Hepatitis C drug approved for pediatric treatment

The drug Harvoni , used in the treatment of Hepatitis C , also starts to be indicated for pediatric use, from 12 years old, with viral genotype 1 of the disease and with cirrhosis , according to the Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

The information was released by the entity that, through the official website, confirmed the expansion of the use of the medicine.

The drug was already used in the treatment of adults from 18 years of age, but with the change it also starts to serve younger patients, now the use depends on the patient’s weight.

To be approved, the drug had to be analyzed in a test that lasted about 24 weeks. And, with that, Anvisa was able to verify the effectiveness of the remedy, which is greater than the existing treatment.

With the new option, patients should experience rapid improvement. Including those who do not respond well to available therapies.

The role that Harvoni plays in the body is extremely important, from its active ingredients ledipasvir and sofosbuvir, these two substances are able to block the proteins that the virus needs to proliferate throughout the body.

Traditionally, the most used method for treating the disease in adults was the medicine Ribavirin , but the intense side effects and the non-tolerance of some patients limit its uses.

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It is important that you read the package insert and consult your doctor in case of doubt. Contraindications, recommended dose, precautions in storage and possible reactions, are essential information for the user.