Prescription-free medications: all care is little

At the first sign of some discomfort, such as headaches, heartburn and nasal congestion, non-prescription drugs are usually sought. Without the need to present a prescription, many of them are easily acquired in pharmacies and drugstores, but just like the others, they can also pose risks.

In order to avoid excessive consumption, it is mandatory that the drugs are not available at the counters. Asking the pharmacist for information is important to avoid unnecessary consumption.

Non-Prescription Drugs reach 30% of the total of drugs sold in Brazil. The most consumed MIP’s are antacids, antihistamines, hepatoprotectors and also analgesics. Before ingesting them it is important to understand their real function for health:


Used to combat pain in general, they can also act as antipyretics. Patients who have hypertension or heart problems need to be cautious. People with liver or kidney failure should not use the medication for a long time. In addition to causing kidney problems and skin damage, pain relievers can mask more serious illnesses.


Used to treat heartburn, acidity, burning and stomach discomfort, they are contraindicated for patients who have kidney failure. The drug should not be used by people who are hypersensitive to any component of antacids.


They are used to act against allergy symptoms . The negative side of antihistamines are the reactions that can be caused: dizziness , drowsiness and in children it is possible that even seizures occur . Antihistamines fight runny nose, blocked nose, eczema, insect bites and also hives.


Used to combat nausea, vomiting, migraines and digestive problems. They are contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation and in cases of hypersensitivity to the components of the substance.


The consumer does not always know exactly what medicine he needs. Talking to the pharmacist and reporting the symptoms is necessary for him to indicate the most correct. However, in more serious problems it is important to visit the doctor to obtain the correct diagnosis of the problem.