Syrup for dry, allergic and phlegm cough

Cough syrups help to calm the throat and dissolve secretions. With decongestant and expectorant action  , they reduce nasal congestion, expand the airways and thin the mucus in the lungs, making it easier to expel them.

However, they should only be taken after the recommendation of a doctor, as the real cause of the cough must be considered, because when a medication is used improperly, in addition to not resolving, it can worsen the patient’s condition.

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Excessive use can result in dry cough, in addition to causing addiction.


Dry cough

  • Clobutinol Hydrochloride + Doxylamine Succinate ;
  • Cloridrato de clobutinol;
  • Vibral;
  • Atossion ;
  • Expec;
  • Flextoss.

For babies and children, pediatric Vibral (from 3 years old) and Pediatric Atossion (from 2 years old) can be prescribed.

Allergic cough

  • Loratadina;
  • Deslex ;
  • Hytos Plus .

Cough with phlegm

  • Guaifenesina;
  • Fenergan Expectorante;
  • Bisolvone ;
  • Mucosolvan ;
  • April ;
  • Ambroxol.

For babies and children, pediatric Bisolvon (from 2 years old), pediatric Mucosolvan (from 2 years old) and pediatric Vick (from 6 years old) can be prescribed.


NEVER  self-medicate or stop using a medication without first consulting a doctor. Only he will be able to tell which medication, dosage and duration of treatment is the most suitable for his specific case. The information contained in this website is only intended to inform, not in any way intended to replace the guidance of a specialist or serve as a recommendation for any type of treatment. Always follow the instructions on the package insert and, if symptoms persist, seek medical or pharmaceutical advice.