What are antibiotics?

They are medicines used to fight bacteria that cause diseases. Its action seeks its elimination, or prevents the multiplication of these bacteria in the body.

When antibiotics are used incorrectly, bacteria can generate resistance to them. This created defense can cause the effect of the medication to be canceled. As a result, the patient’s health status may worsen.

How to use them in the right way

  • The medical prescription must be followed so that there are no disturbances during its use;
  • Higher or lower doses may impair treatment;
  • It cannot be administered without a prescription. It contains the amount, route of use and duration of treatment, which must be followed;
  • Treatment should not be stopped abruptly;
  • The use of antibiotics should be done only with medical advice;
  • The intake times must be strictly followed by the patient;
  • Alcoholic beverages should not be consumed during treatment.