Package insert, packaging and medicine label: understand each one

When consuming a medication, the package leaflet, the packaging and the label are hardly noticed and often even ignored by the patient. Important information found in them can be very useful at the time of purchase and even during use.

As determined by ANVISA, the products must contain mandatory information about the medicine that facilitates its use, as well as possible reactions and precautions that must be taken.


What information should the product contain?

Use in pregnant women, indication and contraindication, validity, route of administration, storage, among others.

Indication and action

These are some of the first information listed on the package insert. In these topics it is possible to understand its action, the time in which it occurs and the general indications of the product.

Reactions and over-medication

In addition to consulting the doctor, paying attention to the adverse effects mentioned in the package insert is very important to avoid any type of problem.

Drug term

Verifying the date of manufacture and validity of the product are essential attitudes. Only in this way is it possible to prevent the patient’s health problem from getting worse by ingesting expired products.


The Customer Service Service (SAC) telephone number is an important tool in favor of user dissatisfaction. The call, which is usually free of charge, must be used in cases of complaints about a certain product and can also assist in clarifying doubts.