Peruvian Maca (powder, capsule): check benefits and how to take

Peruvian maca belongs to the cruciferous family, as do broccoli, spinach and kale. As the name suggests, this is a plant originally from Peru, more specifically from the Andean regions.

Despite presenting several benefits, its aphrodisiac potential is one of the most outstanding, which leads the plant to be known as a natural viagra.

One of the stories surrounding the discovery of this benefit says that it happened when Spanish colonists, who settled in the mountainous and cold regions of the Andes, observed that the animals that accompanied them (such as dogs, horses and mules) had a drop in their ability to procreation.

However, this difficulty was not restricted to animals only, since the colonists themselves realized that this affected them, but that it did not happen with native species and residents of the region.

It was then that they discovered a popular root in the region: the Peruvian maca. In a short time, they associated the consumption of the plant with increased sexual desire, physical resistance and fertility.

Peruvian maca was commonly consumed in the form of flour, at the time, obtained by hand. Today, the plant continues to be used in this way, but also sold in soluble and industrialized powder.

According to this legend, it was in this way that the benefits of this root began to popularize, which, currently, is not cultivated exclusively in the Andes.

Read on to find out the main benefits of Peruvian maca and understand why it is an adaptogen plant.


What is Peruvian Maca?

The Peruvian maca, scientific name Lepidium meyenii, can also be popularly known as Ginseng of the Andes or Viagra of the Incas , it is a plant native to the Andes region in Peru, also found in countries like Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

It is a perennial plant that has small, wavy leaves. The root is similar to a radish, but with a yellowish-white color, and a size that reaches up to 8cm in diameter.

Depending on the type, the color varies, as in the case of the red and black Peruvian stretcher. But generally contains several essential properties for health such as protein , calcium, iron, fiber, vitamins of the B complex , vitamin C and carbohydrates .

It contains phytochemicals similar to female and male sex hormones and, therefore, can help regulate, for example, the menstrual cycle and sexual dysfunctions.

The part marketed for medicinal purposes is its root, and can be consumed in powder or capsules. Mainly because it does not have such a pleasant taste, it can be mixed with meals.

Among the various benefits it can provide, those that have become more famous are those of increased libido and weight loss.

Unlike some other medicinal herbs, which have proven side effects, Peruvian maca has no history of negative effects or contraindications.

What are the types of Peruvian stretcher?

There is a variety of more than 13 types of Peruvian maca, the main ones being grown in the Andes region. These plants can vary in color, ranging from white, black to red, depending on the conditions of the cultivation soil. In addition to coloring, each type has specific properties.

Meet the 3 most common types:

Yellow Peruvian Maca

It is the type associated with benefits such as increased libido in men and women and the production and mobility of sperm.

It can also help fight stress and fatigue , in addition to acting in the prevention of prostate cancer .

Black Peruvian Maca

It is indicated for patients who need an increase in muscle resistance, as it can help to define the musculature. In addition, it contributes to patients who need to control blood glucose levels and who are looking for increased libido.

Red Peruvian Maca

Peruvian red maca is an important plant for maintaining bone health, as it helps with bone density and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis .

It can also help improve memory, increase female fertility and relieve PMS symptoms.

Indication: what is Peruvian stretcher for?

Peruvian maca is a plant used for medicinal purposes, which is why it is used by many people with the aim of improving physical, mental health and also sexual life as a whole.

Thus, its consumption serves not only for its nutritional value, but also for the possibility of helping in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Among the Andean peoples, where it originated, for thousands of years the Peruvian maca was used as a natural medicine for fertility, vitality, sexual desire and mental health .

Recently, the plant continues to help men and women in relation to these factors, but many other benefits have been discovered.

Because it affects the production of hormones, Peruvian maca helps to balance various body functions.

Some of the uses are aimed at combating stress, increasing libido, combating osteoporosis, helping with weight loss, improving sexual performance and increasing fertility, combating anemia and preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

What substances does it contain?

The list of substances present in the Peruvian gurney is equivalent to its benefits. The plant has minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and vitamins, forming an extensive list.

Presents, in an amount of 100g, 50% to 70% of carbohydrates, 2% to 4% of lipids, 158 calories, 8% to 18% of proteins, 8% to 9% of soluble fibers and 23% of insoluble fibers.

Its chemical composition has the following active ingredients:

  • Flavonoids : antioxidant substances essential to fight free radicals, protecting the body from premature aging and keeping cholesterol levels in balance. They are present in vegetables, fruits and vegetables;
  • Tannins: are important substances to protect plants against predators and pests. Having a characteristic bitter taste, they provide health benefits as they are also antioxidants;
  • Steroids : also known as phytosterols, they are compounds that help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and in the control of bad cholesterol (LDL) levels;
  • Glycosides (saponins) : compounds for analgesic, laxative and cardiac therapeutic purposes;
  • Alkaloids : are compounds derived from amines. In plants, they have a protective action against predators and insects. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used in medications such as morphine;
  • Anthocyanidins: are pigments that are part of the group of flavonoids, being responsible for the color of the plant.

Among its food composition it presents:

  • Proteins : essential for muscles
  • Carbohydrates : important for obtaining energy;
  • Fibers : assist in intestinal functioning;
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B12, B6, C and E: fundamental for the production of cells and for the strengthening of the immune system;
  • Calcium : acts on bone strengthening and maintenance;
  • Iron : helps to fight anemia;
  • Selenium : important in preventing heart problems;
  • Phosphorus : like calcium, it strengthens bones and teeth;
  • Magnesium : improves physical performance;
  • Zinc : essential for the body’s defense system.

What are the benefits of Peruvian Maca?

The benefits of Peruvian maca powder or capsules are quite extensive. And the ones that stand out the most are related to their energetic and physical and psychological restorative power.

Because it influences the action of the pituitary and hypothalamus endocrine glands, the Peruvian maca directly affects hormonal issues, related to the action of hormones such as the menstrual cycle, fertility, PMS symptoms, menopause , spermatogenesis and libido, for example.

It has also been observed that this plant can help in the treatment of diseases such as anemia, malnutrition, decalcification, osteoporosis and depression . In addition, it helps in strengthening the immune system.

Because it has good amounts of sterols, the Peruvian stretcher can also be an alternative for athletes, as it is a healthier option for those looking for better performance.

Learn a little better about the main benefits of the plant:

Aphrodisiac effect

This is one of the most famous effects of the Peruvian stretcher. Its aphrodisiac power relates to several other benefits of the plant.

In a study carried out at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, with men aged between 24 and 44 years old, it was possible to observe that the consumption of Peruvian maca influenced the increase in the amount of semen, sperm and sperm motility (ability to move sperm).

In addition to influencing these aspects, tuber consumption has been shown to increase sexual desire and reduce stress in both sexes.

These effects, it is believed, are related to the action of maca in the hypothalamus and adrenal glands.

Peruvian maca also has among its benefits related to sexual life the possibility of increasing the stimulation of the erection and the increase of fertility.

Contributes to the treatment of diabetes

Peruvian maca can help control and prevent diabetes by decreasing the speed of glucose absorption by the body because it contains good amounts of fiber.

Because it has this amount of fiber, it has a low glycemic index. Thus, it can prevent the body from suffering insulin spikes, which can end up overloading the pancreas and, over time, end up causing diabetes.

Energizing and stimulating

Peruvian maca is stimulating and energizing because it is a root that has complex carbohydrates, an important nutrient source of energy.

It also contains B vitamins, an essential vitamin group for energy production and for strengthening the body’s defense.

It is beneficial for the heart

This plant is an ally when it comes to preventing cardiovascular diseases, as it has a series of nutrients that contribute to heart health, such as omega 3, magnesium, vitamin B2, phosphorus and essential amino acids such as arginine and taurine .

Helps in the treatment of anemia and malnutrition

To fight anemia it is essential to maintain a diet rich in iron. Without consuming daily needs, our body can develop iron deficiency anemia .

This nutrient deficiency leads to impairments in the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream, since it is essential for the synthesis of red blood cells (erythrocytes).

The consumption of Peruvian maca can help in the treatment of those with nutritional deficiency, but as support. In these cases, the patient may need larger amounts of iron than the Peruvian gurney can offer.

Anyway, the ideal is to follow the medical recommendations and also look for other foods that can help in the treatment.

In malnourished patients, the same thing. As it contains several essential substances for the body, the consumption of maca becomes very positive when combined with a balanced diet.

It can improve the skin

Peruvian maca can help to smooth out some skin problems, such as acne and blemishes. In addition, its use is also associated with a reduction in skin sensitivity to very hot or cold temperatures.

However, although there are these benefits attributed to Peruvian maca, it is worth remembering that the consumption of the plant does not dispense or replace a dermatological accompaniment for the treatment of skin problems.

Strengthens the endocrine system

The consumption of Peruvian maca can help stimulate the natural way of producing female and male sex hormones, such as progesterone and testosterone. Thus, it has an effect on libido improvement, reducing problems related to decreased sexual desire and potency.

By interfering with the action of hormones, Peruvian maca can also help to alleviate the symptoms of menopause, reducing the characteristic signs of this period, such as hot flashes (hot flushes), night sweats, reduced libido, fatigue, etc.

Contributes to the treatment of cases of descaling and osteoporosis

Descaling is a condition in which the calcium contained in the bones is lost. This problem can happen for a number of causes and end up leading to diseases such as osteoporosis, for example.

Thus, the person’s bone health is impaired and more vulnerable to falls, with bone recovery being slower and more painful.

The role of the Peruvian gurney is to help ensure that decalcification does not occur. This is due to the fact that the plant has amounts of calcium that help to compose the necessary doses.

It is beneficial for women’s health

As for men, the Peruvian stretcher has several benefits for women. This is because the plant has several essential nutrients, but also because it interferes with the production of hormones such as progesterone.

In this way, Peruvian stretcher can help decrease vaginal dryness, regulate the menstrual cycle, contribute to the reduction of menopausal symptoms, increase fertility, ameliorate PMS symptoms and increase libido.

Fights aging and is good for memory

Peruvian maca has vitamin E and therefore contributes to healthy aging. This vitamin, as an antioxidant, helps to protect the body from free radicals and early cell death.

In the case of chronic degenerative diseases, maca has preventive mechanisms through the action of its polyphenols and isothiocyanates to reduce oxidative damage.

As a consequence, it helps to reduce the risks of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer .

For this and other factors, it is also considered a great supplement to strengthen memory and concentration.

Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Other benefits that the Peruvian maca can provide are the reduction of stress and anxiety .

Such effects occur due to the presence of bioactive and phenolic compounds, which help to provide relief from mental stress, in addition to improving the health of cells. Thus, its consumption can help to bring greater physical and psychological well-being.

Peruvian Maca: What are the benefits for men?

The benefits of Peruvian maca for men – or, better said, that interest most men – are those related to the aphrodisiac and stimulating effects.

As it is believed that maca can have energizing effects, reduce stress and is also capable of increasing the production of sperm, the powder product is widely sought by men as a way to improve sexual performance.

Therefore, among the possible benefits to the male audience there are:

  • Increased libido;
  • Increased sexual desire;
  • Improved sexual performance;
  • Aid in fertility, with better and greater production of sperm.

Peruvian Maca lose weight?

Peruvian maca can help those who want to lose weight because it is a root that has good amounts of fiber and complex carbohydrates, thus helping the person to feel more satiated and less hungry.

Consequently, with this reduced appetite, people tend to eat a lower amount of calories, which is beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

Another characteristic of the stretcher that can help with weight loss is the fact that the fibers contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine, reducing the swelling in the abdominal region.

In addition, the plant has few calories. Two teaspoons of the flour has about 30 calories, which is little compared to other types of flour.

Other benefits of Peruvian maca that can help with weight loss are the reduction of stress and anxiety. In this way, it can help people who discount their emotions in food to ease the triggers that lead to binge eating.

However, it is necessary to understand that in these situations, the consumption of maca or other foods acts more as an aid. People who exhibit compulsive eating behavior or who are overweight due to clinical conditions should seek appropriate medical treatment and follow-up.

Thus, it is important to note that Peruvian Maca does not help you lose weight when there is no combination of healthy eating and physical exercise.

If your consumption is exclusively for this purpose, it is advisable to talk to a nutritionist to align the use of the plant with other healthy habits.

How to take Peruvian maca powder?

There is no rule on how to take Peruvian maca powder. Because it can be dissolved in liquids in general or mixed with foods.

In general, it is recommended to use it in the amount of a tablespoon, once a day.

In addition to mixing the Peruvian maca in water and juices, it is possible to add the product to other foods, such as vitamins, salads, hot dishes and coffee.

When mixed with flours, for example, the root adds greater nutritional value to the recipes, which can be used in the preparation of cakes, breads or pancakes.

In liquids, however, it is best to mix the litter with a blender, as it is a more fibrous powder, it can be difficult to dilute.

The only care should be in relation to the temperature of the dishes, because when very high they can cause the Peruvian litter to lose its properties.

And, as for flavor, there are people who compare the plant to the taste of peanuts or caramel, because it is sweet. So it can be more enjoyable when added to sweet dishes.

It is interesting to experiment in which combination it becomes more pleasant, so that consumption is not bad.

Use should preferably not be continuous, as the plant may have its effects enhanced in the long run. The most recommended is to use for certain periods and to take breaks. In this way, the organism is able to ‘rest’ and, when returning to use, the effects continue.

How to take Peruvian maca in capsules?

In capsules, consumption is simple: just take it with water or another drink. One of the advantages of the capsule version is that the quantity is always more accurate.

Typically, maca is consumed three times a day, before main meals or as instructed by a specialist.

Dosage: how much is needed?

The amount needed to obtain the benefits of Peruvian maca can vary for each person. The capsules normally contain 500mG of the product, the recommended dosage being 500mG to 1200mG per day.

Who can best help you find the ideal dosage is the doctor or nutritionist who accompanies the patient.

Peruvian Maca has occasional contraindications and side effects only in allergic people, but even so it must be used responsibly. The ideal is to start with smaller doses and increase over time, according to the expected results.

Another curious feature in the use of Peruvian maca is the fact that its benefits accumulate with the use, making that the initial doses can be reduced without diminishing the effects.


Except for children and hypertensive people, in general, the Peruvian litter has no contraindications or interactions, and can be consumed by anyone who is not allergic to the plant. In other cases, care must be taken as a precaution.

People who use drugs with hormones, as in the case of oral contraceptives or patients undergoing hormonal therapy, it is necessary to consult the possibility of using the Peruvian maca with the doctor, as the product can alter or inhibit the effect of the hormone.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also check the risks of use with a specialist beforehand.

Harm: does it have side effects?

Little is known about the side effects or harms of Peruvian maca. Until then, this type of supplement, so to speak, has proven to be quite safe for people who have no allergies to the plant.

However, as everything in excess should be avoided, the same goes for the Peruvian stretcher.

Although it offers several benefits, its excessive consumption is not recommended, mainly because it can influence the body’s hormonal balance.

Ingestion in high doses can cause an imbalance in hormone production and cause serious consequences in relation to the endocrine system.

Therefore, to ensure the preservation of health and enjoy the benefits of this plant, common sense is required in relation to quantities.

Faced with the appearance of any symptoms after using the Peruvian stretcher, it is essential to seek medical help.

Price and where to find

It is possible to find the Peruvian stretcher in health food stores and pharmacies. Because it is a product processed in Peru, in other countries it is sold only in capsules and in flour.

The price can vary a lot depending on the product, store or brand, varying between 20 reais and 110 reais.

This difference includes factors such as the quantity of capsules or, when sold in powder, the price per Kg, for example.

Peruvian Maca and Tribulus terrestris: which is better?

Like the Peruvian maca, Tribulus terrestris is also a plant known for its stimulating effect, capable of increasing libido, improving fertility and regulating the production of hormones.

It is considered a phytohormone with an effect similar to testosterone, a hormone present also in women, but in men in greater quantity.

To say which of the two is the best is not so simple. To arrive at this answer, it is necessary to analyze the objectives that are sought to be achieved.

Tribulus is more associated with the effects of testosterone, with the main benefit of providing a longer lasting erection. Peruvian maca, on the other hand, is more linked to increased fertility and libido.

Because they have similar effects, it may not be necessary to use both at the same time. To check this possibility and to understand which one can be better, it is important to seek medical advice.

Common questions

Know some of the most common doubts about this aphrodisiac root:

When is the best time to take Peruvian maca?

As for the timetable, there are not many determinations. The ideal is to make the consumption according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Consumption can be distributed throughout the day, in fractional portions – either capsule or powder.

For example, consume half the recommended daily amount in the morning and half in the evening.

Is Peruvian Maca a remedy?

Maca can be used as a health product, aiming at health benefits and improving body functions. However, it is not considered a medicine and does not need a prescription – but medical advice or guidance is always recommended before using any product, even natural.

In addition, it does not replace any clinical or pharmacological treatment.

How does Peruvian Maca balance hormones?

Peruvian maca is considered an adaptogen plant, which means that it is able to adapt to the needs of the organism of those who consume it, providing specific benefits according to what each person needs.

For example, a woman entering menopause begins to experience symptoms such as night sweats, fatigue, dizziness and palpitations, as her body is no longer producing the same amount of hormones as before.

Thus, because the Peruvian maca interferes with the action of the pituitary and hypothalamus, two fundamental glands for the proper functioning of the endocrine system, it helps to balance the amount of hormones.

These glands are responsible for producing and secreting hormones and assist in the functioning of other important glands, such as the thyroid, adrenal, gonadal, etc.

In men, Peruvian maca also helps to regulate testosterone levels, improving sex life.

Is the Peruvian stretcher approved by ANVISA?

Yes, the Peruvian litter is registered by the National Health Surveillance Agency as a food product. However, in some moments, the agency even suspended the product and advertisements about it in all media, due to the dissemination of several benefits that have not been scientifically proven.

Peruvian Maca helps to get pregnant?

Peruvian maca can help women who want to become pregnant by contributing to the balance of hormones produced by the endocrine system, such as progesterone, which is essential for evolution to happen.

The root can also provide benefits such as increased sperm production.

Regarding the woman’s emotional state, which may end up interfering with pregnancy, the Peruvian stretcher can contribute to more tranquility. It helps in the production of neurotransmitters associated with well-being and anxiety reduction.

Is Peruvian Maca used as a hormone replacement?

No . Despite helping to balance the production of hormones, Peruvian maca is not used for hormone replacement, as, as seen, it is not a hormone.

Because it is used as a supplement, people can start consuming it for different reasons and at any time stop using it, different from a hormone replacement.

Drug treatment should be guided by an endocrinologist or gynecologist and should not be interrupted without medical advice.

Can I use the Peruvian stretcher continuously?

The continuous use of the Peruvian stretcher is not recommended. To enhance the effects of the plant, the ideal is to use for certain periods and take breaks.

If your consumption is continuous for 90 to 120 days, the ideal is to stop using it for 30 days, for example. Thus, the body is able to ‘rest’ and when returning to use, the effects continue.

In this article we seek to show how the Peruvian maca, a medicinal and aphrodisiac plant, can be used for several benefits, both for the health of men and women. If you already use it, tell us what the results were. Thanks for reading!