Foods that help deflame

Food has great power over the body. It is through them that the maintenance of the organism is done and health is maintained. Adding certain foods to the menu can be extremely beneficial for those looking to deflate.

Some foods are considered anti-inflammatory because they help with weight loss and help the body function. Putting them in daily meals can make this inflammatory sensation go away.

What to eat or take?

  • Pineapple or lemon tea:  digestion is much easier with the help of these teas. Drinking a 200 ml cup a day, without sugar, is the most recommended.
  • Watermelon:  this fruit has the power to protect the intestines against worms. Because it is rich in water it also helps to wash the digestive tract.
  • Green juice:  when ingested daily it is great to cleanse the body, as it has antioxidant action, in addition to acting against constipation. In addition, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  • Melon:  just like watermelon, it helps to protect the intestines and is still rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals. In addition, it is an important ally in the elimination of salt in the body, due to the large amount of potassium it contains.
  • Banana flour:  this product, which uses green bananas as a raw material, helps in digestion and in the fight against intestinal diseases.
  • Fish and chicken: these  are meats that are easily absorbed and, as a result, tend to be digested more quickly by the stomach.
  • Organic  foods : ordinary foods have a large amount of pesticides and pesticides, which is not the case with organic types. These substances impair the functioning of the intestine and can even cause the appearance of diseases.
  • Seeds:  rich in calcium and vitamin E, sesame, flax and sunflower seeds are great for the functioning of the intestine and also to eliminate toxins.

Consuming these foods often can be a good way to avoid a variety of health problems.