8 benefits of detox juice that go beyond detox

Because it is prepared with nutrient-rich foods, there are several benefits of detox juice .

According to nutritionist Silvia Spinelli, the main ones include increased diuresis (urine production), increased absorption of micronutrients, reduced swelling, improved skin appearance and improved nutrition due to increased consumption of fiber and fresh foods.

In addition, there is also its main benefit: providing a detoxification of the body. Better understand these and other benefits of the drink:


Stimulates liver cleansing

The liver is an organ through which nutrients pass before being metabolized and absorbed by the rest of the body. In this process, essential for digestion, many toxins are lodged in the organ and it is responsible for expelling them through sweat, feces and urine.

This is a natural system of the body, but due to the amount of toxins ingested, the elimination is often not complete.

Consuming detox juice, therefore, can help in the cleaning process by preventing the liver from becoming overloaded, aiding intestinal health and reducing fluid retention and swelling.

Reduces swelling

As a diuretic, detox juice helps to reduce swelling, often caused by a retention of fluid in the body.

Diuretic ingredients help to eliminate swelling as they increase the amount of urine produced. The more intense this urinary production is, the less fluid will be retained by the body.

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Decreases cellulite inflammation

The  cellulite  is a common dissatisfaction among people and there are many aesthetic treatments aimed ease the condition. However, it is also possible to contribute to the reduction of this skin inflammation through diet.

Swelling caused by fluid retention, excess toxins and the accumulation of body fat are factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite, so detox juice can help fight it.

As it contains ingredients rich in nutrients, with diuretic and anti-inflammatory benefits, the drink can improve the appearance of the skin, provided it is combined with a balanced diet and physical exercises.

Reduces appetite

This benefit is due to the amount of fibers in the drink, which provide a greater feeling of satiety, especially when the drink is not strained.

Thermogenic action

Thermogenic foods promote an increase in body temperature and speed up metabolism, which stimulates calorie burning and weight loss.

In addition to this increase in temperature, stimulated by foods such as  ginger , there are also some ingredients that encourage the body to spend more energy for digestion, such as oats.

Combined with juice, they contribute to a healthier body and an adequate weight loss.

Reduces tiredness and strengthens the immune system

Detox juice is a source of energy, and its consumption is often associated with a greater sense of well-being and disposition.

Due to the consumption of raw ingredients and because it is a mixture of fruits and vegetables (sources of vitamins ), the absorption of important nutrients for the strengthening of the immune system is greater and more varied (it is recommended to choose foods that complement each other nutritionally).

In addition, as the juice is made with raw products, the absorption of nutrients is optimized as soon as cooking or heating food causes the loss of some vitamins.

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Improves bowel function

Because it is a drink made from the mixture of raw leaves and fruits, the amount of fiber ingested is much greater.

They are essential for a good functioning of the intestine, reflecting on the health of the whole body, and promote more satiety

The fibers are divided into two types, classified as insoluble and soluble.

The insoluble ones help to increase the fecal bolus and prevent problems such as  constipation , while the soluble ones help in the retention of water and in the formation of a gastric gel, which promotes greater absorption of glucose and fats.

These different types give a greater feeling of satiety, helping to control appetite.

It is good for the skin

Detox juice recipes involve highly nutritious ingredients, making the drink a source of vitamins and other nutrients, such as vitamin C, E, K, D and fiber, for example.

These are properties that can provide many health benefits to the skin, keeping it more hydrated and supple.

In addition, the antioxidant properties, fight free radicals, responsible for the premature aging of cells.