Can pregnant take chamomile tea? Find out if it’s safe

The most correct thing is for the pregnant woman to talk about this with the obstetrician who accompanies the pregnancy. 

In the vast majority of cases (unless there are medical recommendations), pregnant women can drink chamomile tea.

This consumption should be done sparingly , in small and spaced doses (maximum 2 cups per day , which should be taken a few hours apart ).

In general, herbal teas such as capim-santo, fennel and lemon balm are also released during pregnancy as long as they are taken in small quantities. Thus, in addition to warming the body, they can help the mother to relax, increase fluid intake and provide plant benefits.

Chamomile is known as a calming herb with anti-inflammatory properties. This helps in strengthening the body in a more natural way.

If in doubt, do not take any tea before talking to your doctor about it.


Can pregnant women take chamomile tea bags

In general, yes. Although the version of sachets (and other industrialized products ) has less benefits, compared to the natural one.

During pregnancy, and to have a healthier life, the rule is simple: the more homemade, the better. 

Tea bags are famous for their practicality at the time of preparation and for being easy to find. But they do not have the same benefits as those made with fresh leaf.

This is because they are industrialized products, which involve processes in which the whole plant is crushed and, sometimes, mixed with other herbs.

In addition, the industry also adds dyes, flavorings and preservatives so that the tea leaves with taste and smell, without the boxes expiring the expiry date quickly.

These substances mentioned, cause the real beneficial properties of these plants to be eliminated.

Thus, tea bags become beverages low in vitamins and minerals that have nothing to add to a healthy diet.

What teas cannot pregnant women take?

The consumption of alcoholic, sugary drinks and certain types of tea should be avoided by pregnant women. During pregnancy, teas such as cinnamon, bilberry, mint, Hibiscus, black and green tea are prohibited. This is because these plants can have consequences for the baby (in some cases, such as cinnamon tea , the woman may even have a natural abortion).

Below, we explain more about each of them and why they should be avoided.

Black tea or green tea

These two types of teas contain a lot of caffeine, which should be avoided during pregnancy, as it can speed up some functions of the body (such as heartbeat).

In addition, the substance can also interfere with the pregnant woman’s sleep and the baby’s agitation.

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon should be avoided throughout the gestation period, as it can have an abortive effect.

This spice stimulates the contraction of blood vessels and muscles of the uterus.

This can lead to loss of pregnancy or cause permanent damage to the baby, especially in the 1st trimester, when the baby is more fragile.

Bilberry tea

The boldo tea has substances that may also cause birth defects in the baby. In addition, this plant can still cause early childbirth.

On the other hand, boldo tea is one of the medical recommendations to induce labor when the baby is post-term (older than 42 weeks).

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Mint and Hibiscus tea

The mint tea and Hibiscus are diuretics, i.e., increase the volume of urine flow.

The problem is that we eliminate vitamins and other nutrients through urine.

Therefore, if they are taken excessively during pregnancy, they can cause a deficiency of substances that are fundamental for the good development of the baby.

These two teas, if taken in excess, can also interfere in breast milk, impairing its nutritional composition. In addition, they can even decrease food production.

Whether by taste, tradition or the innumerable benefits of this drink, teas are present in the daily lives of many people.

Teas, in general, can be consumed by pregnant women, as long as moderately.

If in doubt, seek medical advice before drinking any tea.

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