Can pregnant take bilberry tea? See if there are risks

The boldo tea is very popular and customarily consumed by several people. This plant has two variations: the Brazilian ( Plectranthus barbatus ) and the Chilean ( Peumus boldus ).

However, in some moments of life, such as early childhood and pregnancy, they require some special care and the non-consumption of this type of tea.

This drink should also not be consumed by people who have gallbladder problems (such as stones). Find out more about boldo tea !


What is boldo tea for?

Boldo tea has several benefits and is indicated to reduce body swelling, improve intestinal problems (such as pain and gastritis ), combat constipation and gas , besides having calming effects, anti-inflammatory properties and strengthening the immune system .

In addition, this plant is still indicated to remove toxins present in the liver.

However, if consumed in excess, this drink can cause side effects such as diarrhea , headaches and intestinal pain.

Can pregnant take bilberry tea?

Even with all the benefits, boldo tea (whether Brazilian or Chilean) is not suitable for pregnant women, especially in the 1st trimester . This is because the consumption of this plant during pregnancy can cause malformation or prevent the baby from developing properly.

Because it contains a substance called Ascaridol, boldo can still contribute to a miscarriage, in more severe cases.

It is worth remembering that, after birth, the mother continues to pass the nutrients to the baby through breastfeeding.

Thus, the woman should avoid drinking the drink while the child is breastfeeding to prevent her development and growth from being hampered.

What are the risks of taking bilberry tea in late pregnancy?

If during the beginning of pregnancy boldo tea should not be consumed due to the risk of generating malformation or miscarriage, at the end of pregnancy that same tea should not be drunk either because it can induce premature birth (without the baby and the woman being ready), or alter the correct growth of the baby’s organs and systems.

Bilberry tea aborts?

Yes, boldo tea aborts. This plant has an organic compound called Ascaridol (which gives the boldo’s characteristic smell and taste).

The problem is that it can cause contractions in the uterus that can lead to miscarriage.

The most common cases tend to happen in the first 3 months, when the pregnant woman is more likely to have an abortion.

I had boldo tea and I am pregnant: are there any risks?

First of all, stay calm. There is not enough scientific research to prove the amount of boldo that can harm the baby.

That is, if you took this drink without knowing that you were pregnant, it will not necessarily harm the pregnancy.

From the positive result for pregnancy, the important thing is to avoid it as much as possible until the child is no longer consuming breast milk.

Another thing that can also be done is to mention this episode with the obstetrician who accompanies the pregnancy.

However, if after ingestion there are doubts or symptoms such as heavy bleeding, pain and fever , seek medical help urgently.

Bilberry tea should not be consumed during pregnancy, as it can cause complications such as miscarriages, developmental problems or growth of the baby and induce a premature birth.

If there are other doubts on this topic, the ideal is to talk to the obstetrician who accompanies the pregnancy.

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