Bilberry tea: what is it good for? Find out if you lose weight

Teas are the 3rd most consumed drink in the world (after water and coffee). Among the most popular are chamomile, mint, lemongrass and boldo.

Some are successful for the taste and others for the effects and benefits in the organism. Boldo, for example, pleases the palate of those who prefer bitter flavors. Along with that, it is a good ally to digestion!


What is Chile’s boldo tea?

There are several types of boldo that can be differentiated according to the type and size of the leaf. The Boldo de Chile ( Peumus boldus ) is a plant native to the Andes Mountains (Chile, Peru and Argentina).

The tea of ​​this plant is made normally, that is, with hot water that is infused on the leaves.

This type of boldo can help in the treatment of intestinal complications (such as poor digestion, abdominal pain and elimination of the fecal bolus).

In addition to it, there is the Brazilian boldo, the Bahian boldo, of the land, low, low and among others.

All of these types of boldo have similar effects on the body.

Is it good for what?

Bilberry tea is indicated mainly to treat complications in the gallbladder. It acts as a protector of these organs, as it avoids various problems such as gall bladder .

It has properties that help in the digestion of fats and, therefore, it is good to be taken after heavy meals, symptoms of a full stomach and reflux.

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What is boldo tea for?

Bilberry tea can be a natural form of treatment for various situations: preventing and improving problems in certain organs (eg liver and gallbladder), relieving menstrual cramps and fighting intestinal problems (such as poor digestion, constipation and excess gas ).

Learn a little more about each of these complications:


Boldo from Chile helps in the release of bile (which acts in the breakdown of fat), promoting better digestion. This helps to relieve symptoms of nausea caused by overeating or heavy meals.

Trapped intestine and excess gas

When ingested, the tea releases enzymes that facilitate the process of deformation of the fecal cake and its elimination.

As for excessive flatulence (excess of gases), the boldo helps to eliminate all these gases and combat the discomfort caused by this situation.

Menstrual cramps

Bilberry tea can relax the contractions of the walls of the uterus and thus reduce the cramps caused by this organ during the menstrual period.

But be careful, to take advantage of this herb even more, the ideal is to consume tea in a natural and hot way, since the high temperature of the water also contributes to the relaxation of the uterus, reducing pain.

Bilberry tea slims?

It is worth mentioning that boldo tea alone does not do any miracles to lose weight. But if it is consumed regularly and combined with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats and physical exercise, this type of plant can indeed contribute and facilitate the weight loss process.

The bitter taste of boldo is characteristic and caused by a substance known as lactone. When combined with physical exercise, it helps to burn body fats.

In addition, bilberry tea also helps to reduce swelling and swelling because it helps the intestine to function properly, decreasing the accumulation of stool in the belly.

Does boldo tea make menstruation go down?

This plant can cause the walls of the uterus to relax and, thus, stimulate the blood to flow down the vagina channel (the famous menstruation). Therefore, the woman can ingest the pocket tea in order to regulate the delayed cycle.

But, this is also one of the reasons why boldo tea is abortive and its consumption is not recommended during pregnancy or if pregnancy is suspected.   

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Its make bad?

If consumed in the correct amount, boldo tea is harmless. The recommended daily intake is a maximum of 2 cups.

But in excess, this drink can cause diarrhea , excessive gas, changes in the amount of red or white blood cells and kidney malfunction, nervous system breakdowns or kidney pain.


Boldo tea from Chile is contraindicated for those who have kidney problems, as this drink can further aggravate such complications.

During pregnancy, this plant can cause the uterus to relax and thus lead to the loss of the baby or induce premature birth .

This herb also tends to be harmful to young children (under 6 years old), as it has a substance, called ascaridol, which can be toxic and compromise physical development during childhood.

Boldo tea has many benefits. Even so, it should be consumed in moderation.

In cases of doubt, it is best to seek medical advice. The Healthy Minute has other tips on food . Check out our posts !!!