Lack of vitamin D can cause weakening of the bones

Using sunscreen is one of the most recommended precautions to prevent damage to the skin, however the absence of exposure to the sun can have consequences, among them the absence of vitamin D. The sun is the main responsible for the adequate absorption of this vitamin. But, this is only possible when the skin is without the protection of sunscreens.

It is known that at certain times, such as from 10 am to 4 pm, exposure to lightning is not recommended. However, before and after that period taking 15 minutes of sun may be necessary for the nutrient to be synthesized.

The risks

However, this care only benefits if there is an intake of the vitamin, which can be found in foods such as meat, eggs, fish, and milk, and also in the form of medications, which can only be consumed with medical advice.

Without the intake and absorption of this nutrient, the body tends to send signals that something is wrong. Symptoms that can even show up as diseases:

High blood pressure ;

Cardiovascular problems;

Osteoporosis ;

Asthma : another problem associated with the absence of vitamin D;


Depression : even this condition can happen due to the absence of the vitamin, especially in adolescence;

Muscle weakness;

Rickets and osteomalacia: other bone problems linked to lack of nutrient;

Autism: studies indicate that the lack of vitamin D during pregnancy tends to directly influence the child’s health, which can develop autism .