Find out how labyrinthitis treatment works

Once the diagnosis of labyrinthitis is made, it is time to treat the disease. Usually, this treatment is divided into 3 parts and, in most cases, it leads to a cure.


Treatment of symptoms

As the main symptoms are dizziness and tinnitus, medications are used to eliminate them. In addition, rest is highly recommended. The duration of this treatment varies according to the factor that caused the disease and the patient’s sensitivity.

Treatment of the cause

In this treatment, the factor that caused the disease is investigated. Therefore, several risk factors are analyzed, such as metabolic, infectious, rheumatic and anatomical. After a clinical examination, the specialist may order hearing and balance, blood and radiological tests. In the case of emotional labyrinthitis, treatment will be carried out with the accompaniment of a psychotherapist, in addition to the use of drugs that work to strengthen the patient’s emotional side.

Labyrinth rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the physical therapy treatment performed to resolve dizziness. When the source of the symptom is difficult to control, rehabilitation offers positive results in about 80% of cases.

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