Living with labyrinthitis: tips to relieve crises

Studies show that staying active can help patients with labyrinthitis to improve. For this, homemade exercises can be practiced so that the notions of balance get better.

During crises, the recommendations are different. Through small practices, you can significantly improve symptoms when labyrinthitis attacks:

  • Lie down and rest when symptoms appear;
  • Return to the activity you were doing little by little;
  • Avoid sudden and sudden changes in position;
  • Do not read or try to read during a crisis;
  • Avoid bright lights in your environment;
  • Ask for help to walk;
  • Avoid dangerous activities, such as driving or operating machines, within a week after the symptoms disappear;
  • If the crisis persists, go to the hospital.

How can I improve my hearing ability?

Many people suffer from hearing loss with each passing day, sometimes due to loud music or natural aging.

It was believed until recently that this loss could not be recovered, but recent studies prove that it can be reversed. For this, Hearing Guardian V1 software was developed in order to help these people recover their hearing capacity, in addition to reducing the frequency of tinnitus.

See below how it works:

    1. Download the software for free (click here  to access the download page) and install it on your computer. It also has a version for tablets and Android phones, which can be downloaded here .
    2. Perform the hearing test to detect damaged areas with hearing loss and / or ringing in the ear.
    3. The program will detect the damaged areas and stimulate them with sound conditioning.
    4. After 2 weeks you will experience an improvement in hearing capacity and a decrease in ringing in the ear.

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