Hypertension and excess uric acid: what is the relationship?

The drop is not the only problem caused by high levels of uric acid in the body. This substance, which is produced naturally by the body, can also cause problems such as hypertension and kidney stones.


As it happens

Its production is the result of the metabolism of purine protein. However, this compound can also be present in several foods. And, it is possible that its excess happens when the body finds it difficult to eliminate the substance, or when it ingests it in large quantities.

This metabolic disorder can lead to the crystallization of the substance, causing gout. Cases of hypertension, cardiovascular problems, kidney stones and arthritis are also consequences of this change. The crystals resemble small needles, and are deposited anywhere on the body, including joints and organs.

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What to avoid with meals?

People with excess uric acid should be aware of the foods consumed, as most of them can contribute to the appearance of crises:

  • Bacon;
  • Red meat;
  • Cod, sardines and salmon;
  • Embedded;
  • Beverages containing alcohol;
  • Kernels, liver and other kids;
  • Tomato and its derivatives.

The treatment

Care must still start at home, with a change in eating habits and weight control. The treatment of certain diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol also helps to prevent further complications.