Quality of Life: how can it help me?

Few people know what quality of life really means, but they all want to have it in their daily lives. Faced with this doubt, we came to clarify what it means to have quality of life, whether it is feeling good, at work or in daily activities.


What is quality of life?

For the World Health Organization (WHO), quality of life is “the perception that an individual has about his position in life, within the context of the culture and values ​​systems in which he is inserted and in relation to his goals, expectations, standards and concerns ”. The concept of the term can be very comprehensive and ends up involving numerous factors that are in the life of each person, such as physical health, mental and psychological health , the environment in which that person is inserted and even where he works.

Quality of life is directly associated with self – esteem  and personal well-being, which may differ from individual to individual because of their socioeconomic life, family support in difficult times and even the cultural and religious values ​​of their society.

It is important not to confuse quality of life with standard of living. Often the standard of living is a decisive factor in an individual’s quality of life, but one thing is not the same as the other. Therefore, we can simplify that quality of life is a person’s satisfaction with their daily life.

What is the importance of having quality of life?

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is normal for people to forget a little bit of themselves between one appointment and another, which is a mistake, by the way. Consequences such as stress and depression  can appear and directly affect the health of the individual, leading him to face responses from the body completely unfavorable to him.

Speaking of health, it and quality of life are two issues that are entirely associated. In order to have health, a good quality of life is necessary and, in order to have quality of life, health is necessary. Confused? Not so much.

Health is a set of several factors, including economic, social, cultural and political. Coincidentally or not, these factors are very similar to those that are necessary to obtain a quality of life considered as good. In addition to them, health is also composed of behavioral elements, such as food and physical activity, elements that are also important for the quality of life and that you will see later.

How can we have a good quality of life?

Maintaining the balance between our physical and mental health can be a little more complicated than we think, requiring effort and willpower from the person. Currently, there are several ways to live better, and many of them do not demand that much of you. In fact, all it takes is just a readjustment of your routine for items, such as those mentioned below, to be inserted into it.

Correct feeding

A varied, healthy and balanced diet helps a lot in a person’s health and well-being. For adaptation, nutritionists recommend:

  • Drink six to eight glasses of water a day;
  • Eat every three hours, alternating meals with fruits;
  • Do not exceed sugar and salt;
  • Avoid fats;
  • Do not abuse alcoholic beverages.

Practice of physical activities

The practice of physical exercises without exaggeration, and with the monitoring of a professional, only brings health benefits. Staying physically active helps to combat some common illnesses, in addition to making the individual more willing to do everyday activities, such as carrying objects or climbing stairs.

Routine examinations

People from 35 years of age are recommended to perform check-ups at least once a year. This battery of exams provides a complete diagnosis of how the person’s organs are working.

Have a healthy mind

The mind often influences people’s behavior in relation to their friends, family or even at work. Research shows that some Brazilian professionals in certain areas are not satisfied with the quality of life they lead in their work, as is the case with agents, employees in the commercial area and teachers.

As already said, maintaining the balance of the mind requires a little more effort, how to live with the differences between people and accept them more easily, and learn to deal with frustration. We won’t always get what we want quickly and effectively, right?

A scientifically proven way of how we can relax the mind and improve our quality of life is the practice of meditation. Among the many benefits that it brings us, are the boost of our creativity, our positive emotions, makes you have more compassion and improve your self-control.

If you want to start the practice and have no idea how, at the end of this article we bring you a list of 5 apps that help you in your daily well-being, including one for meditation.

Constant positive attitudes

It is always important to realize all the good things that are around us, whether they are material or not. In addition, even bad moods, such as anger , sadness and loneliness, can be channeled into something good. For example, bad moods can be motivating and can also make you pay much more attention to what is going on in the world.

Daily relaxation of tensions

Last but not least, it is essential that people relax in moments of greatest tension, whether through playful or leisure activities. For example: if you are stressed because your work is lost due to the computer you have locked, stop for a while, breathe, listen to that song that makes you feel good. Or, if your profession is not making you completely satisfied, look for hobbies that you can spill over.

In addition, a good night’s sleep also helps a lot in our quality of life. While we sleep and rest, our organism works in favor of several super important functions, such as the strengthening of the immune system, the secretion and release of hormones, the consolidation of memory, among others.

What is the place with the best quality of life in the world?

According to a ranking prepared by Numbeo, the largest data center generated by Internet users worldwide, the country that won first place was Switzerland. According to the institute, the Swiss are the ones with the best security, in addition to excellent medical care and good air quality.

According to Forbes, the United States economy and business magazine, the city with the best quality of life to live is not in Switzerland, but in Austria: Vienna is in first place, followed by Zurich (now in Switzerland) and Auckland (New Zealand). For this research, 39 criteria were analyzed, including political and social environments, health care and health and education.

It’s in Brazil? Which city has the best quality of life?

In 2015, the United Nations (UN) elected the 50 best cities in Brazil according to their HDI (Human Development Index). Among the first three places are two cities in São Paulo, São Caetano do Sul and Águas de São Pedro, and the capital of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis.

What’s up? Did you understand?

There are several ways for you to improve your well-being and, consequently, your quality of life. But if you want some more tips to give that little push that you still need to change your habits, take a look at this list of apps that help you fight stress .


As the name says, this application brings various types of meditation for several different situations, such as prayers and mantras.

Available to:

  • iOS

Hydro Drink Water

Drinking water is essential for our survival, but many people are not in the habit of drinking as often as they should. Therefore, this application fits like a glove for them, since it reminds them to drink the liquid.

Available to:

Bubble Wrap

Who doesn’t like to play with bubble wrap, huh? This application simulates the sensation of bursting air bubbles and you choose the way to do this.

Available to:

  • iOS
  • Android

Discourage Your Teeth

For those who suffer from bruxism , this application sends alerts that make the person realize if, at that moment, he is grinding or pressing his teeth against each other.

Available to:

  • iOS
  • Android


A sound of nature is always welcome when the goal is to relax and that is exactly what Ambiance brings. There are several types of sounds that the application has, such as waterfall, wind and bells.

Available to:

  • iOS
  • Android

It says: if technology is so present in this modern life, why not use it for our good, isn’t it? 🙂