Discover the laboratories with a drug discount program

Data on Brazilian spending on health in 2018, published by SPC Brazil, point out that at least 26% of the Brazilian population uses some continuous or periodic drug treatment.

This is due to several associated factors, such as longer life expectancy, easier and access to treatments and health resources.

Among those people who need continuous treatment, about 51.3% are responsible for purchasing the medication.

The rest manage to purchase through the Unified Health System (SUS) or receive help from others for the purchase.


Compare to save

On average, according to the survey, monthly expenses for continued treatments is R $ 138. And the trend is that, as the age increases, spending will follow. Above 55 years old, the average monthly band invested in medicines is R $ 194.

The majority, 38%, do not research and compare prices, helping to make this account higher.

Meanwhile, 29% combine a walk with the price comparison, as it compares the values ​​in the pharmacies themselves.

Another 17% use the internet, looking for price comparisons, such as Consulta Remédios.

The remainder, totaling 22%, is divided between leaflets, calls to pharmacies and tips from friends or family.

All of this high health cost has a risk. Many patients fail to use the medication correctly or even abandon treatment for financial reasons.

To reduce these fees, many laboratories invest in programs that give a discount, especially to those drugs for continuous use.

Through a simple registration, usually done over the internet, by phone or at the pharmacy itself, the patient is included in a register. This allows, among other things, more savings – some medications can be discounted up to 50% .

In addition, the programs provide information, health tips, indicate nearest associated pharmacies and also provide networks of specialists.

Learn about some of the main drug discount programs and learn how to take advantage!

How do discount programs work and what are the criteria?

Although some programs have specifics, some things are standard in the registration. For example, there is no restriction on age, economic class, location or time of treatment or diagnosis.

However, to obtain the discounts, it is necessary that the patient has the medical prescription in hand and make the registration in advance. With the procedure carried out, it is necessary to find a participating pharmacy.

Registration: how to participate?

When the patient receives a prescription, he can confirm with the professional that that medication is part of the program.

If you do, just register, which can be through the website or by phone. The patient must provide data such as:

  • Name of the drug;
  • Doctor’s name;
  • Physician’s CRM;
  • Patient’s name;
  • Address;
  • Contact details;
  • Date of birth;
  • CPF.

Then, the patient is already able to receive the discount. Then, just consult the list of pharmacies participating in the program and go to it, with the prescription and documents in hand, to buy the medicine.

Are high-cost or continuous-use drugs discounted?

YEAH ! In fact, this is the focus of the programs: to offer discounts on high-cost or continuous-use drugs.

Each program discloses its list of drugs that can be purchased at a discount and the percentage, which can reach a 50% reduction.

Most products are those for continuous or prolonged use. This is because the idea is exactly to promote cost reduction for those who are going to invest a lot in these medicines.

Among them are diabetes medications , high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart failure, psychiatric disorders, antidepressants, Parkinson’s disease, hormonal changes in children and others.

But contraceptives and even anti-inflammatory drugs are also included in this list.

List of drug discount programs

EMS Health (EMS)

EMS is currently the leading company in the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry. The EMS Saúde program has been in operation since 2014 and aims to make various treatments available to patients, offering discounts on a number of medicines.

In June 2019, the drugs that are part of the program are:

  • Artemidis ;
  • Brasart ;
  • Condres;
  • Condres Ultra;
  • Cymbi ;
  • Dalyne ;
  • Escilex;
  • Esomex;
  • Niki ;
  • Orlipid ;
  • Risedross;
  • Rusov ;
  • Sucrafilm ;
  • Vases .

Remembering that the list can be updated without prior notice.

For you (Bayer)

Bayer is one of the largest healthcare companies. With Bayer for you, the patient has access to health information, prevention tips and incentives to continue treatment.

The drugs that are part of the program, in June 2019, are:

  • Nebido;
  • Xarelto;
  • Summer ;
  • Summer 24 + 4;
  • Summer Flex .

Care for life (Aché)

Aché has a large list of medicines and other products, such as moisturizers and dermocosmetics, with discounts through the Care for Life program.

According to the official website, there are more than 115 discounted products, found in more than 26,000 accredited pharmacies and drugstores.

In June 2019, the list of participating medicinal products is:

  • Alenia ;
  • Artrolive;
  • Biomatrop;
  • Corus;
  • Corus H ;
  • Diosmin;
  • Kalist ;
  • Leucogen;
  • Neo Decapeptyl;
  • Omepramix;
  • Osteoban;
  • Osteotrat;
  • Pant;
  • Resist;
  • Tanisea ;
  • Untral;
  • Zolfest D.

The patient also has content especially focused on health and promoting well-being, such as newsletters, videos and communications produced by specialists, in addition to having pharmaceutical professionals and nurses providing guidance over the phone.

Good for you (AstraZeneca)

AstraZeneca is a consolidated company in the pharmaceutical market. There are 3 focuses of research, innovation and therapeutic development: oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, in addition to respiratory diseases.

The program does well offer discounts for the following medications:

  • Atacand;
  • Crestor;
  • Daxas;
  • Nexium;
  • Symbicort;
  • Vannair .

But Pfizer (Pfizer)

The Pfizer laboratory has been operating since 1952 in Brazil and has more than 150 drug options for various diseases.

In 2006, the company launched the Mais Pfizer program, which offers discounts and benefits to patients.

Although the list of medications is not available on their portals, the patient gets to know directly with the doctor if their medication is on the discount list.

But there are discounts for some medications under the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Breast cancer;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Depression;
  • Schizophrenia;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Glaucoma;
  • High pressure;
  • Thrombosis.

Merck Cares (Merck)

The pharmaceutical company Merck has also been in business for a long time. Its foundation was in 1668, in Germany. With the Merck Cuida program, the company offers discounts for the medication Thioctacid HR, which can reach 35%.

Evolving Health (Biolab)

Biolab started in 1997 and today is among the 5 largest drug companies in Brazil. With that, it started its Health in Evolution program, which offers discounts and access to health information and treatments.

There are physical and online pharmacies that are part of the accredited network. With discounts between 25% and 40%, the participating drugs are:

  • Aradois H ;
  • Lipless;
  • Mind;
  • Nebilet;
  • Pantogar ;
  • Press plus.

Vale Mais Saúde (Novartis)

Vale mais Saúde has been part of the Novartis company, in the pharmaceutical area since 2004. Various conditions are assisted by the program, such as hypertension, asthma , diabetes; high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma ; attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ).

Among the drugs on the discount list are:

  • Azorga ;
  • Diovan;
  • Entresto ;
  • Exelon;
  • Foraseq ;
  • Galvus;
  • Ritalina ;
  • Stalevo;
  • Tegretol;
  • Trileptal;
  • Systane ;
  • Ultibro.

Live More (Allergan)

The Allergan laboratory assists patients with eye problems and changes. With the ViVER + program, the idea is to bring more incentive and resources to the treatments of glaucoma, dry eye and ocular allergy .

The program offers content about eye health care, tips for using and storing medications, as well as various other information.

Among the drugs on the discount list are:

  • Lumigan;
  • Ganfort ;
  • Combigan;
  • Lastacaft;
  • Combo Lumigan;
  • Optive;
  • Optive UD ;
  • Restasis;
  • Ganfort ;
  • Fresh Tears;
  • Triplenex.

Viva (Sanofi)

The Viva program is offered by the Sanofi laboratory.

When registering, the patient has content, information and clarifications on multiple sclerosis, cholesterol, insomnia , cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, thrombosis , depression and atopic dermatitis .

Among the drugs that receive discounts at accredited chains are:

  • Alenthus;
  • Allegra;
  • Allegra D ;
  • Amaryl;
  • Arava;
  • Clexane;
  • Depura ;
  • Lantus;
  • Lyxumia ;
  • Oscal;
  • Praluent ;
  • Stilnox ;
  • Toujeo ;
  • Zanidip;
  • Zodel .

In addition, there are drugs that are not on the discount list, but may have other exclusive benefits as well.

For example, those who use Aldurazyme may have support for running tests, infusion, as well as nutritional and psychological support and support.

Patients undergoing treatment with Apidra have educational guidance, granting conditional discounts based on laboratory criteria and discounts on supplies (such as test strips).

Brazil is among the 10 largest pharmaceutical markets in the world. This means that several drugs are produced, studied and distributed nationally and internationally.

And the industry has the profile of the consumer. This is because the population, in recent decades, has a large consumption of medicines. Some are those of home medicines, such as painkillers and flu. Others are for continuous treatments, for example, for chronic diseases.

Anyone who needs to keep using medication for a long time knows how much it can weigh in their pocket.

Discount programs are a simple way to save on medication.

A simple registration is enough, which can be done through the internet, telephone or in the pharmacies (depending on the criteria of each program), for the patient to receive incentives, information and advantages. This facilitates and encourages the correct continuity of treatment.

Do you want to know more about each program? Talk to your doctor and ask if the medication you use is part of an advantage program.

And for more health tips and treatments, follow the Healthy Minute!