How to get rid of mold?

Cabinets, bathrooms, walls and even clothes can be favorable places for mold growth. Moisture is the main responsible for its appearance, so it is necessary to be aware.

When an environment is left for a long time without air circulation, it is possible that the objects and clothes stored will suffer from the formation of fungi and mold. Closets that are close to places like bathrooms deserve extra care. Know some tips and avoid bigger annoyances:


Problems and diseases caused by mold

Mold can cause allergic and even respiratory problems due to the fungus. Sinusitis , bronchitis and rhinitis are very common in people exposed to these conditions. Performing blood tests and tests to find out the cause of the diseases is the best option when starting the most appropriate treatment.

How to keep the house free from mold?


Using white vinegar on top of the mold stains and letting it act for 15 minutes is enough for the stain to come out and the piece to be used again. After using the vinegar, remove it with hot water and let it dry.


When in cabinets, white vinegar can also be applied to the corners of the furniture. With acidic properties, it inhibits the development of these fungi. Doing this cleaning monthly is enough.

To keep cabinets dry, a simple tip can work. Put a chalk board in a plastic cup. It absorbs moisture, and when it is quite humid it should be placed in the sun and then used again.


Due to the steam released during the bath, this place in the house is usually one of the most susceptible to the accumulation of mold. To remove it from the joints and tiles it is possible to use a piece of lemon, applying it directly on the spot and then rinsing it with water.


To clean the wall you need to mix water, liquid or powdered soap and bleach. A cloth moistened with the mixture must be wiped on the wall and, finally, another damp cloth – this one only with water – must finish the process.

Keeping the house and clothes always clean and airy are simple precautions that prevent the appearance of the fungus and the health problems that it can bring.