Cramps: what to do when they appear?

A pain that arises without warning, the cramp affects thousands of people. Cramp is considered an involuntary muscle contraction. It usually strikes the leg potato , but it can also be felt on the feet, hands and thighs. Whether stretching your leg or while doing physical activity, no one is free of the problem.


Possible reasons

It is possible that some factors influence its appearance. The absence of certain minerals and vitamins , little oxygenation in the bloodstream, use of medications and the lack of physical conditioning may be related to muscle fatigue .

As their causes are unknown, the methods to avoid them are not yet proven. However, stretching well, before and after the practice of physical activities, is one of the tips to prevent the problem.

How to deal with it

Increasing your daily fluid intake is essential for your muscles to stay hydrated. Just like bananas , which can be eaten once a day to prevent this disease.

Other foods also important in preventing the appearance of cramps are: carrots, avocados, beans , soybeans, peanuts, bananas, chickpeas, hazelnuts, cereal flakes, in addition to milk and its derivatives.

What to do

Even though it is difficult to act at the moment it appears, it is important to massage the affected area, either by the person himself or with the help of another person, and only then perform a light stretching.

When cramps are frequent and affect more than one muscle group, they may be linked to some metabolic, neurological or endocrine complication. Seeking medical help in these cases can help identify the problem and choose the best form of treatment.