Hair capsules: which one is best for growth?

Many people suffer from problems like falling or breaking the wires. Others have difficulty in hair growth – which may be related to genetic, hormonal, emotional or nutritional factors.

The lack of vitamins is one of the factors that influences this process, since they are essential to keep our body healthy, which includes the health of the hair.

In this sense, the first alternative is to improve eating habits and prioritize everything that can be a source of good nutrients. However, in some cases it is also possible to opt for supplements that provide vitamins that can help with hair health. Understand better


What vitamins are needed for hair to grow?

Vitamins are very important for the health of our body. The absence of them can affect not only the internal systems of the body, but also cause external and easily noticeable changes – such as in the skin, nails and hair.

In this sense, the first step towards hair growth is the care for the health of the body in general, which reflects directly on the hair.

Otherwise, the hair will become weak and will probably grow brittle . That is, the appearance will be of thin (or double) ends and irregularly sized threads (some larger and others smaller). What will not provide the long dreamed hair.

To help in this aspect and also stimulate growth, the intake of vitamins through food or, when prescribed by professionals, in supplement is essential.

Therefore, for hair care, the main ones are as follows:

  • Vitamins B7 (Biotin) – is present in several hair products, since it contributes to the cell regeneration process and positively impacts the growth of new hair;
  • Vitamin A – essential for the development of all cells in the human body, including those related to hair. It helps to keep the hair elastic, hydrated and hydrated. The deficit in this nutrient may also be related to hair loss and baldness;
  • Vitamin D – helps to minimize and even completely reduce the rough appearance of the strands, which makes them dry and brittle (hindering growth). Thus, it gives more vitality and shine to the hair;
  • Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) – contributes to the prevention of hair loss and slows down the appearance of white hairs (which are also weaker and brittle), in addition to stimulating hair growth. It can even be used to treat baldness;
  • Vitamin E – directly contributes to better blood circulation in the scalp, which facilitates the arrival of nutrients to the hair and also stimulates hair growth. Still, it has antioxidant action, which protects the hair from damage.

Of course, a healthy organism with all the ideal rates of vitamins will naturally collaborate for the best aspect and hair growth. However, the nutrients mentioned are those that will further boost this process and act directly on the hair.

What is the best capsule to grow hair?

Vitamin capsules are a good alternative for those who cannot supply the deficiency of these nutrients through food. Although there is no contraindication for its use, the ideal is always to seek professional help to choose the right option for you.

In this sense, to choose capsules that stimulate hair growth and health, it is ideal to have the help of a dermatologist .

Contrary to what some people think, these professionals not only take care of the health of our skin, but can also act in relation to trichology – a specialty that studies hair strands, scalp and hair.

So, some capsules that can be indicated to help in hair growth are:

Pantogar Neo

Pantogar Neo is a nutricosmetic , that is, a food supplement (vitamin) that aims to collaborate with some aspect of beauty. In this case, it is beneficial against hair loss and favors the growth of the hair, starting from the strengthening.

Such action is made possible due to the nutrients present in its composition, which are:

  • Folic Acid (vitamin B9) – contributes to growth and controls oiliness;
  • Biotin (vitamin B7) – acts on the hair bulb (hair root), thus stimulating the growth of new hair;
  • Other B-complex vitamins are especially beneficial for maintaining hair health. Thus, keeping them hydrated, silky and healthy;
  • Zinc – helps to control sebum (oiliness) and contributes to the prevention of problems such as dandruff and seborrhea, which impair the health of hair follicles and prevent healthy growth.

It is usually indicated that 2 or 3 capsules are taken daily, which may vary according to each person. Treatment is usually long-term (at least 3 months), as it takes time for the action to be noticeable.

With regard to contraindications, pregnant women and children should only consume according to professional guidance. Also, people allergic to the components of the formula should not use Pantogar Neo.

Imecap Hair

Imecap Hair is a supplement that aims to contribute to the health of nails and hair , leaving them stronger and healthier. And, consequently, contributing to growth.

Its formula counts, mainly, with assets such as Biotin (vitamin B7) and Zinc, which collaborate for the control of sebum and stimulation of the hair bulb – in a way that help the hair to grow faster.

However, in addition to these, it also has other very beneficial components:

  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) – collaborates with cellular respiration and helps in the metabolism of proteins, a process that impacts hair growth;
  • Chromium – chemical element necessary for the metabolization of proteins;
  • Selenium – acts in the proper constitution of the threads and is important to protect cells from free radicals (antioxidant action), preserving capillary health.

In this sense, the product promises to make hair more “full-bodied” and healthy, taking care of hair fibers and contributing to healthy growth.

As for its form of use, the recommended is only 1 capsule daily. Treatment is also long-term, and may last for a few months (on average, 3 to 6).


Lavitan is a vitamin supplement, classified as nutricosmetic, indicated to provide health to the hair and ensure healthy growth. In this way, it can also be an ally against hair loss and lack of vitality.

Its assets are the B vitamins (especially B6 and B7 ), which help in cellular processes and provide nutrients to the hair, keeping them healthy and vital.

In addition, Zinc is also present in the composition , responsible for controlling hair oiliness – since excess sebum can cause other problems (such as dandruff) and impair healthy growth.

Together, there is also Selenium and Chromium, which are also allies of hair health.

Regarding the use, you should take 1 capsule a day (or according to professional indication), which can be used by both men and women.


Luminus Hair is a vitamin complex aimed at hair health. In its formula, the vitamins of the B complex – B1, B3 B5, B6, B12 are mainly present .

In addition to these, as well as in other hair supplements, vitamins B9 ( Folic Acid ) and B7 ( Biotin ) are also present . These, contributing to cellular processes, oil control and stimulating growth.

The product also has vitamin A, C, D and E, in addition to Selenium and Chromium. And, as for its use, it is limited to one capsule daily.

Due to so many compounds, the promises of this nutricosmetic are as follows:

  • Accelerates hair growth by up to 3x more;
  • Ensures a reduction of up to 90% in the fall;
  • Strengthens the threads, preventing breakage;
  • Promotes nail strength;
  • Improves blood circulation in the scalp;
  • Moisturizes, nourishes, gives shine and softness to hair.

It is worth mentioning that Luminus Hair can only be purchased through the official website of the brand.

Vitamin capsule works for hair to grow faster?

Hair growth can be stimulated through the use of vitamins. So, the capsules can help to speed up this process, especially when the person has some nutritional deficiency in that sense.

Thus, since there is already a healthy eating routine and with the intake of vitamins through the diet, there is usually no need to use supplementation to help with hair growth.

Still, it is necessary to keep in mind that other factors also have a direct influence in this aspect:

  • Genetics – Some people have a genetic tendency for hair growth to slow down. A tip to know if this is your case, is to observe if your parents’ wires also grow slowly, because you may have inherited this characteristic;
  • Hormonal factors – changes in hormone levels can cause hair loss or inhibit healthy hair growth (as in cases of thyroid problems). In this case, it is necessary to follow up with an endocrinologist;
  • Emotional factors – it is not new that stress and anxiety are very bad for our body, which can also impact the hair. What happens, precisely, due to hormonal changes caused by these sensations, affecting the normal functioning of the organism;
  • Chemical procedures – dyeing, discoloration and progressive are some of the processes that directly harm the health of the hair. Consequently, hair can take longer to grow, even with care such as hydration;
  • Bad habits – in addition to chemical procedures, some daily habits can also be harmful to hair. Like, for example, excessive use of flat iron and dryer (especially without thermal protector).

So, although vitamin capsules work and help hair grow faster, you must remember that this process also has an influence on other factors.

Price and where to buy

Vitamin capsules can easily be found in pharmacies. But you can also purchase through online platforms, such as Consulta Remédios – allows you to compare the price of the same product in different stores and even deliver it directly to your home.

Check the price * of some of the options available on the market:

  • New Hair and Nails (60 capsules) – between $ 29 and $ 42;
  • Wash Hair and Nails (30 capsules) – between $ 13 and $ 40;
  • Cronoliv Hair and Nails (30 capsules) – around R $ 40;
  • Panvel Vita Hair and Nails (60 capsules) – around R $ 50;
  • Pantogar Neo (60 capsules) – between $ 85 and $ 130;
  • Imecap Hair (30 capsules) – between R $ 30 and R $ 50;
  • Bionina Bionatus (70 tablets) – around R $ 25;
  • HairSkin & Nails Supreme (60 cápsulas) — entre R$56 e R$65.

* Prices consulted in October 2020. Prices may change.

It is noteworthy that, although they are vitamin supplements, professional indication and follow-up are not necessary in order to preserve health from proper use. In addition to achieving the expected result with treatment.

Having a long hair is a desire of many people. But, for that, some precautions are necessary – such as the adequate intake of vitamins.

Also, you need to be patient and remember that there is no magic formula, some care helps but each hair has its own growth time. Factor that may be related to genetic, hormonal, emotional issues, among other causes.

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