Discover 8 benefits of including cupuaçu in your diet

Brazil is a country that stands out due to the richness and diversity of native plants and fruits that are highly appreciated in food in each region. As an example, we can mention cupuaçu, a fruit from the national territory used in the production of different dishes of Brazilian cuisine, especially that of the region in the north of the country.

In addition to the gastronomic sector, cupuaçu has been used in the manufacture of herbal medicines and cosmetics, due to the benefits provided by the fruit. If you were interested, find out what they are in the text below!


What is the origin of cupuaçu?

Very popular in the northern region of the country, the fruit is very tasty and versatile, being used in the preparation of different recipes.

Cupuaçu is a fruit taken directly from a tree native to the Amazon, called cupuaçuzeiro ( Theobroma grandiflorum ). This species is the same one that generates cocoa, so the term “large cocoa” is used by many people to refer to the fruit.

Some of the conditions that provide the cultivation of cupuaçuzeiro in the Amazon region are the fertile and firm soil, the good water retention rate and the incidence of adequate sunlight under the territory. In general, the tree that produces cupuaçu can measure around 10m to 15m in height.

When it comes to the characteristics of the fruit, it is about 25 cm long and externally has a brown color. When breaking the skin of the fruit, it is possible to see seeds that correspond to about 25% of the food, surrounded by a white and creamy pulp.

All these parts that make up cupuaçu are used in some way, the hard shell serves as a raw material for handicrafts, with the seed an alternative to cocoa-based chocolate, cupuaçu chocolate, is produced. And finally, the pulp of the fruit that is included in countless recipes and in the manufacture of beauty products.

8 benefits of cupuaçu

The benefits provided by cupuaçu consumption are diverse, considering the richness of nutrients present in the fruit.

Some of these nutritious substances are vitamins (A, C and those of the B complex ), mineral salts (phosphorus, iron, calcium), proteins , carbohydrates , essential fatty acids, amino acids and dietary fibers.

Here are 8 popular cupuaçu benefits:

Increases energy

As it stimulates metabolic functions, cupuaçu is one of the best foods to include in the routine, especially for people who wish to improve their performance in the practice of physical exercises.

Those who have this purpose can find cupuassu powder (or supplements containing it) in natural products stores, supermarkets or websites, made from the crushing of fruit seeds.

Provides greater satiety

Cupuaçu is a source of fibers, which are undigested carbohydrates present in various foods. These compounds are important for the proper functioning of the digestive system.

In addition, the fibers contribute to the increased feeling of satiety after consuming cupuaçu, since they cause food to be digested more slowly by the intestine, causing a lack of appetite during this period.

Reduces cholesterol

Due to the presence of essential fatty acids in cupuaçu, the fruit is considered a source of good fats, being a great option for the menu of people who need to control high cholesterol.

For this reason, the oil extracted from the fruit can be used to replace those common in cooking, considered harmful to health.

Aids in breathing

People who have breathing problems can benefit from the polyphenols that the cupuaçu pulp has.

These components are seen as phytonutrients with anti-inflammatory action, which when they are absorbed by the body help to improve health and well-being on cold and flu days , in addition to assisting in the treatment of diseases that hinder the breathing process, such as the asthma .

Fight cancer

The presence of vitamins with antioxidant properties (vitamins A and C) makes cupuaçu help to inhibit the action of free radicals, which when they are in excess in the body can generate the appearance of diseases, such as cancer and alzheimer.

Thus, having a balanced diet with foods that are sources of antioxidant vitamins, such as cupuaçu, is favorable to prevent the appearance of several types of cancer in the long run.

Contributes to weight loss

Whoever has the objective of losing body weight can find cupuaçu a great ally, because the fruit has vitamin C, which contributes to the production of carnitine, a substance that works in the body taking fat cells to the mitochondria, so that they can be used as power supply.

Therefore, the fruit (source of vitamin C) helps in this process, aiding in weight loss. However, it is worth noting that those who want to lose weight should seek professionals to establish a diet and adequate physical exercises.

Aid in intestinal activities

Due to the presence of a large amount of vitamins and dietary fibers, cupuaçu contributes to the digestive process to occur properly, avoiding the appearance of intestinal problems, such as constipation .

In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the fruit also helps in relieving abdominal pain and contractions, and consumption during colic attacks is recommended.

Improves skin health

After studies, it was found that cupuaçu has a very powerful antioxidant, Theograndins. This substance helps to combat premature aging caused by the action of free radicals in the body.

Therefore, those who want to maintain a radiant and healthy skin, can choose to consume the pulp of the fruit daily or use cupuassu-based dermocosmetics that promote the action of this antioxidant substance.

How to use cupuaçu?

It is very common for cupuaçu cream to be served together with açaí, forming a dish with a unique flavor.

The fruit can be consumed in different ways, since the creamy aspect of the pulp allows it to be used in various recipes such as creams, jellies, juices, fillings, ice cream, chocolates, liqueurs, candies, among others. Thus, the correct way to use the fruit will depend on the recipe followed.

In addition to the traditional way, it is possible to purchase in stores and websites products made with the nutritional and therapeutic properties of the fruit, such as cosmetics for skin, hair, nails and herbal medicines for maintaining health.