Vitamin B2: see nutrient-rich foods and benefits

Vitamin B2 can also be called riboflavin. It is part of the all-important B complex and is obtained through food.

In food, it is present as a coenzyme flavin. However, after the digestive process in the small intestine, it is released and absorbed as riboflavin in the body.

Among its benefits and actions in the body, it has a direct influence on the construction of cells and health in general.


What is it for?

Vitamin B2 is important in the body because it stimulates a greater blood production and keeps the metabolism at an adequate pace.

It is recommended for helping the body to transform fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy for daily activities.

During pregnancy, vitamin B2 is also extremely important, as it helps the fetus to develop properly.

In general, the benefits of B2 are both aesthetically, acting on the skin, as well as for the body, being effective on the nervous system and reducing the intensity of migraines.

What are the symptoms of excess or lack of B2?

Vitamin B2 deficiency arises when the ideal amount is not consumed or when the body has difficulty absorbing it. Making health risk factors greater.

If there is a lack of vitamin B2 in your diet, the most common symptoms are:

  • Anxiety;
  • Migraines;
  • Dry skin and lips;
  • Fatigue;
  • Sore throat.

Regarding the excess of vitamin B2, so far there is no knowledge of any associated risk. This is because it has a quick effect on our body, being easily eliminated by urine.

In very rare cases, excess can cause a burning sensation, tingling, diarrhea and increased urine production.

What causes a lack of vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 is found in foods very present in everyday life, such as egg, meat, soy, milk and its derivatives, among others. In the absence of a balanced and nutritious diet, some risks may arise.

Therefore, one of the main factors that lead to a lack of B2 is poor diet. In addition, people who have chronic illnesses, suffer from poor absorption of food and undergo hemodialysis or use medications such as barbiturate are at greater risk as well.

Which foods are rich in Vitamin B2?

Vitamin B2 can be found in several foods found on the routine menu, such as:

  • Milk;
  • Chicken eggs;
  • White and red meat;
  • Liver;
  • Seafood;
  • Leafy vegetables;
  • Sunflower seed;
  • Pea;
  • Soy.

Vitamin B2, in addition to providing several benefits for the general health of the body, is easily found in foods of frequent consumption.

It is always very important to consult with a health professional, taking into account that the disability can generate some consequent problems.

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