Consuming processed foods can be harmful

Highly produced by the food industries, ready-to-eat products are full of chemical substances in their composition, added mainly to prolong their duration. Despite their practicality and more affordable price, these foods are primarily responsible for leading to cases of  obesity , diabetes , among other diseases.


Enemies of well-being

The increase in obesity among people is directly linked to the frequent intake of these foods. As they do not usually contain  vitamins  or nutrients, they only increase the percentages of fats, sodium and glucose. A fact that ends up impairing the proper functioning of organs such as the liver and kidneys, which become overloaded due to the excess of these substances in the body. In addition, the digestion of these foods is much slower, causing discomfort and even a feeling of sluggishness and indisposition.

The composition of industrialized products is full of chemical substances such as dyes, flavorings, preservatives, acidulants, antioxidants and stabilizers.

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The most consumed

Nuggets, instant noodles and ready-made spices are some of the worst enemies of health. Its composition has high sodium rates, in some cases being higher than the daily recommendations.

Added to these and other products, monosodium glutamate is responsible for enhancing the taste of food, increasing hunger. It is due to this substance that the increase in obesity occurs.

Health always

The secret to keeping your health up to date is to control the consumption of processed foods , if it is not possible to exclude them completely from the diet. When shopping, the ideal is to always check the amounts of sodium and sugar in the packaging. Opting for those with lesser amounts of these substances is the best option.