Centella asiatica: what are the benefits? See if you lose weight

Centella asiatica is a plant of the Apiaceae family that originated in Asia (more specifically in China and India).

Hindu and African medicine are believed to use extracts from this plant to cure skin diseases and bacterial infections like leprosy.

In Europe, the plant was used as a purgative until they discovered its ability to induce vomiting, being incorporated into French pharmacology since the 19th century.

Nowadays, this plant is used to make teas, capsules and creams. Do you want to know more about this subject? Then, read the text below:


What is Asian Sparkle?

Asian centella is a very common plant in gardens around Brazil.

Because it is in several states, it is normal for other, more regional names to emerge. In the case of this plant, in addition to centella asiatica (which is also its scientific name), it can still be popularly known as Centela, Gotu kola, Antanan, Pegaga and Brahm.

Regardless of the appointment, this plant has numerous advantages. One is that all its parts are usable, whether to make medicinal teas (with leaves), cosmetics (such as creams and gels) or even capsules and plant extracts.

Indication: what is Asian centella for?

With the Asian centella, you can use the dried leaves to make teas or even use the extract of this plant to formulate creams, gels and capsules. These products have several health and beauty benefits. Here we bring these advantages and what is the best presentation of the plant for each situation listed:

Relieves joint pain

Creams made from Asian centella provide relief from joint pain. Therefore, people with arthritis and osteoarthritis (inflammation of the joints) are recommended to massage with these products.

Helps in healing

Asian centella, especially when used in the form of creams and gels, helps in the healing process of wounds, bruises and lighter burns that have occurred on the skin.

Has soothing power

The teas and capsules of centella asiatica can be combined in the fight against insomnia and mild conditions of depression and anxiety , since they have calming effects, help to relax and fight stress .

Stimulates collagen production

Asian centella also helps to stimulate the production of collagen, leaving the skin firmer and younger.

Hair and nails also tend to become stronger and healthier. This effect is more present in the versions in capsules and creams.

Improves stretch marks and cellulite

The creams made with centella asiatica can help to improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite , making these discomforts lessen or even disappear.

For this, it is necessary to apply the product (as indicated on the label) in the affected area, massaging gently.

Stimulates brain function

Teas and capsules can stimulate brain function of memory and concentration. These products are also used as a complement to mild stages of epilepsy .

How to drink Asian centella tea?

Centella asiatica tea should be made with the infusion of 1 cup of water and a tablespoon of the plant’s leaves.

The daily amount that should be consumed is, on average, 600mL.

This is equivalent to 2 or 3 cups that should be taken throughout the day for 4 weeks.

After that time, you should take a break of 1 month, since, to date, there are no studies that prove or not the toxicity of the plant.

Asian Centella lose weight?

Asian centella can help in the perception of weight loss because it is diuretic, which allows to avoid the accumulation of fluids in the body, reducing swelling. But it is worth emphasizing that this effect is enhanced with the practice of physical exercises, a healthy diet and water consumption.

This plant also helps to control anxiety, a factor that interferes with weight loss.

This is because many people tend to eat sweet or fatty foods when they are stressed, which hinders weight loss.

Contraindications: what harm can it cause?

Although it has many benefits, this plant (like any other) cannot be consumed by everyone.

The main groups that are contraindicated to use Centella asiatica are: pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and people who have problems in the intestine (such as gastrointestinal ulcers), in the kidneys (insufficiency) and in the liver (hepatitis, for example).

How to buy?

To find out how and where it is possible to buy Asian centella, we separate it according to the form of presentation. In general, it can be found in health food stores, in addition to physical pharmacies and online.

You can use Consultation Remedies to compare prices or buy online. Check out the options:

In capsules and extracts

Centella asiatica capsules and extracts can be found in health food stores and department stores.

Sites like Consulta Remédios also allow you to buy these products without leaving your home, offering options like Centella Herbarium .

In cream and gel

The creams and gels based on this plant are sold in cosmetics stores, department stores and catalogs of cosmetic industries.

Here is a very precious tip: it is always nice to check the product label to see if that cream is body or facial and what is its chemical composition. Thus, you avoid allergies that are already known to certain ingredients.

Do not forget to also check the expiration date and if the company that produced the cream or gel is registered with the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA).

As in the previous topic, the internet can also be an ally in these moments: just do a simple search and choose what you want.


The price * of centella asiatica varies according to the form of presentation and the region of the country.

For example, in the fresh version , about 100g is sold for between R $ 10 and R $ 21.

The presentation with 60 capsules is priced between R $ 21 and R $ 28.

Centella Asiática extract is commonly sold for approximately R $ 25, with 30mL of the fluid.

The price of cosmetic creams tends to change according to factors such as the presence or absence of other ingredients and the brand that manufactures such a product. The average value is R $ 60 for a 200g bottle.

* Prices consulted in March 2020. Prices may change.

How to plant?

First of all it is important to say that the Asian centella can already be in your garden even if you have not noticed or do not want to.

What does that mean? Well, this plant is considered “bush” by many people, who, unaware of its medicinal advantages, end up pulling it out.

The good news is that it is a plant that requires little care and can be grown in almost any type of soil, although it prefers the more humid ones.

That is, it is only necessary to water the plant to ensure that it has enough water. It does not need fertilization in the soil or pruning depending on the season.

It is also not very spacious: its maximum height is 30cm per leaf and its pit does not need to be larger than 20x20cm.

It is also possible to grow Asian centella in small pots and even in PET bottles.

The first harvest can be made after 3 months of planting and, after that, the plant tends to give leaves every 60 days.

Asian centella has many health benefits. Even so, in case of doubts about the consumption of this plant, the ideal is to seek medical advice.

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