Pregnancy: what not to do in this period

Smoking, drinking, exercising excessively – some habits are difficult for some women to break after discovering they are pregnant. Whether it’s a custom or an obsession, they can even cause miscarriage.

Dyeing hair or taking seemingly harmless medications are some of the attitudes that, at first, do not seem to cause problems. This fact causes countless mothers to continue with these customs even after they are pregnant, which can bring risks to the child. To change habits, it is often necessary to understand what causes the health of both mother and baby.


Overdoing physical exercise

Practicing physical activities is good for any age and lifestyle, and for pregnant women it is no different. With practice there is the prevention of gestational diabetes , overweight and also increases the chance of having a normal delivery. The negative side is not the activity itself, but its excess. Exaggeration in the practice of exercises can cause hormonal and metabolic changes, which make it difficult for the baby to conceive.

To smoke

The mother who smokes is at risk of conceiving the baby prematurely, in addition to increasing the chances of the child being born with low weight, or the placenta detaching. In relation to the mother, deep venous thrombosis may occur .


Prenatal care is essential during pregnancy, however carrying out many tests, in addition to what is advised by the doctor, is not recommended. The radiation present in countless exams can cause problems in the baby’s development.

Progressive brush

Formaldehyde, found in most hair treatments that involve chemicals, is a highly carcinogenic substance. The use of any chemical used in the hair should be postponed.

Consume raw food

The problem is related to the risk of food poisoning. These infections can lead to miscarriage and fetus malformation.


Apparently harmless, drugs that treat problems such as acne (which contains retinoic acid and isotretinoin) can cause malformation of the fetus. Others who treat more serious complications also deserve attention. It is recommended that the pediatrician is informed about all medications taken.