11 weeks of gestation: find out the baby’s size

At 11 weeks of gestation, the belly is still imperceptible and does not weigh.

This phase is perfect for mom to start preparing the house for the baby’s arrival. It may be necessary to make some reforms or adaptations to accommodate the new member who will soon arrive.

Mom can also research and think about ways to tell friends and family that she is pregnant, if she hasn’t already.


What are the symptoms in the 11th week of pregnancy?

Each stage of pregnancy has symptoms that may be specific to that moment or last for 9 months.

In the 11th week, it is common for pregnant women to have the following signs:

Accelerated heart

It is normal for a woman to notice that her heart is beating faster.

This acceleration happens because the amount of blood flow has increased, due to the presence of the baby inside the uterus. As a result, the heart (responsible for pumping blood to all parts of the body) needs to work at a faster pace.


The headache may be present at all stages of pregnancy, especially if the woman has had seizures before becoming pregnant.

If the pain is very severe, the pregnant woman can talk to her obstetrician about a safe (usually drug) treatment for each case.


The nausea, which has been frequent until now, begins to decrease and the appetite increases.

With 11 weeks of gestation, the pregnant woman can begin to feel the so famous “pregnant wishes”, which can make her include in the menu many exotic foods or even that the woman did not like to eat before pregnancy.

11 weeks is how many months?

11 weeks of gestation is equivalent to almost 3 full months. The 1st semester (which is the period most likely to have an abortion) is ending. The baby is about 6 months away.

At this stage, the production of blood and red blood cells of the small or small will begin. And for that, it is important that mom provide the necessary amount of iron.

Thus, the pregnant woman should try to eat foods such as liver, wheat, vegetables and green vegetables (such as broccoli and spinach).

How big is the baby at 11 weeks of gestation?

At 11 weeks of gestation, the baby measures about 5cm (from the head to the butt) and weighs approximately 9g.

The baby already has ears and eyes that can be seen at the first ultrasound. He also already has his toes and hands formed, and the nail is already starting to grow.

The little heart is working at full speed with a speed that varies between 120 and 160 beats per minute.

In this phase, the little one will start to explore his own body (starting to stretch, opening and closing his hand, playing with his nose). It’s very cute!