Psychosomatic diseases: the body turns grudge into pain

Research done at the University of Glasgow Caledonian, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh Napier, found that holding a grudge affects emotional and physical health.

The researchers found that if you feel any pain, holding a grudge increases the chances of the pain being more intense and more frequent.

For example: people who suffer from migraines, when they maintain this feeling, can have stronger crises and with more continuity.

The researchers believe that rabies activates an alert sensor, generated by adrenaline and known as “fight or flee”. When activated, the pressure rises and the cardiac and respiratory rhythms are accelerated.

If such stress is maintained in the body, it is more difficult to relax and slow down these functions. Thus, it is easier to develop heart or psychological illnesses.

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The researchers agreed that to avoid grudge, it is important to forgive.

Reflecting on the cause of anger, practicing some type of meditation, trying to empathize with the other person and forgiving yourself are steps that can help to forgive.

According to the research, the benefits of forgiveness are immediate, reducing problems such as anxiety , depression and hostility, in addition to increasing happiness, empathy and the feeling of well-being.

The survey also found that there is a relationship between age and forgiveness. According to the survey, the older, the easier it is to forgive.

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Disease that can be accentuated by bitterness

Grudge is a feeling that can generate psychosomatic illnesses, that is, experiencing it continuously can cause physical damage to the body, such as hypertension, tachycardia, gastritis , asthma , bronchitis , arthritis , osteoarthritis and migraine .

The grudge can still disrupt sleep and food, increase cholesterol and pressure, in addition to favoring the excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. In other words, whoever loses is only the spiteful person.

Feelings also influence our health. Grudge and hatred, in addition to impairing emotional well-being, can also cause physical pain. Free yourself and forgive.