How to apply lipstick? Tips for not making mistakes with liquids or a stick

Foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner, blush and lastly … lipstick! He is the darling of everyone who loves makeup, be it the nudes or the red ones.

The product never goes out of style and is always a trend for a beautiful make, be it for a special occasion, party or for everyday life.

And even for those who are not such a fan of complete makeup, this beauty item alone makes all the difference. Often, only a well-applied lipstick already values ​​the high points of the face.


Tips on how to apply lipstick correctly

There is no secret to applying lipstick correctly, but the type of lipstick (liquid, candy, matte or powder) can influence the form of application. Therefore, some types need an applicator or a brush (liquid or powder). Others can be applied with your own finger or simply by holding the packaging itself (in candy).

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Liquid Lipstick

There are several types of liquid lipstick: some dry (matte), others leave the lips moisturized, some are gloss effect and there are also ink-like versions, which do not transfer or last 24 hours.

Regardless of the type, they usually come with an applicator that facilitates use. But, if there is not much skill with the brush, you can use other specific mouth options.

You can also use the tip of your little finger (which is thinner) to spread the liquid lipstick.

The fingers help to control the amount of product that is deposited on the lips. This way, you can reduce excess product and prevent lipstick from smearing.

If the product maintains the wet appearance (gloss, for example), apply in the center of the mouth and spread it to the rest of the lips. This prevents it from draining.

But if it is a matte or ink version, prefer to start by contouring your mouth and then take the product to the center of your lips. This will make filling easier, avoiding flaws or smudges.

It is also preferable that you make several layers lighter than just one or two with excess product.

For this, always try to make the top layers while the bottom ones are still wet. By following this advice, you prevent the cracked effect of the lips.

Lipstick stick or bullet

This lipstick, called a stick or bullet, is the best known type and also the easiest to apply.

Just screw on the bottom of the package, open the stick and apply it to your lips.

Do not apply too hard or open the bullet fully. By doing this, you prevent the lipstick from breaking or spoiling.

Matte lipstick (liquid and candy)

One of the advantages of lipsticks with matte effect is the long duration. In addition to staying intact for hours, this effect also ensures that the lipstick does not come out even if you touch other things in the mouth, such as cutlery and glasses.

To apply liquid matte lipstick, use the brush that came with the packaging. Using a contour pencil helps in application, as the product usually dries quickly and has a more laborious application.

The version of matte lipstick is applied in the same way as the other stick versions. Just thread the product until the bullet is exposed and pass it on the lips, filling them.

No matter what type of matte lipstick it is, whether it is liquid or candy, there is a precious tip: avoid rubbing your lips. Despite being a custom for many people, that tight lips can make the product crumble, crack or not become uniform.

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Powder lipstick

Powder lipstick is a novelty in the universe of beauty. The application is very simple and the product has a result very similar to the lipstick stick.

First, take a little bit of product with the brush that comes with the packaging.

Apply the powder lipstick with back and forth movements. The tip is to deposit the product in the center of the lower lip and then spread it to the rest of the mouth.

Lip tint or ink

Lip tint lipstick is extremely liquid and promises to give lightness and color to the lips in a natural way.

This new trend comes in a bottle with a brush similar to that of enamel. The applicator itself is already designed to facilitate the application of the product.

Using lip tint is pretty easy. Just dip the brush into the product and then smooth it over your lips.

Take care that the product does not run down the corners of your lips or chin.

Lip tint lipstick can still be used as a blush and eyeshadow, as it looks very light.


The gloss can be applied to the lips with or without lipstick and can even replace the illuminator on the eyelids and temples.

To apply the gloss correctly in the mouth use a brush or a little finger, which is thinner. Apply the product to the center of the lips and then drag to the corners.

The tip is to leave the product concentrated in the center of the lips to give the impression that they are more fleshy.

But be careful, excessive layers of this product leave the mouth with a very heavy and unnatural appearance.

How to apply red or dark lipstick without smudging?

Red or dark colored lipsticks can be used both day and night. They are versatile options that, over time, become easier to apply.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to even get the hang of it.

Creamy ones tend to come out or smudge more easily. Therefore, choosing the type that generates more comfort and practicality is the first step.

The drier versions are usually more pigmented and stronger. Precisely for this reason, more care is needed when applying.

So, here are some steps to rock your lipstick without smudging:

  1. Moisturize your mouth: dry, chapped lips can interfere with lipstick coverage. Therefore, always keep your mouth hydrated using a balm and other products that protect the region;
  2. Use a mouth pencil to contour: use the mouth pencil in addition to making a defined outline and facilitating the application of lipstick, it also helps in fixing and prolonging the product;
  3. Use a thin brush to apply the lipstick: some types of lipstick (such as liquid matte) already come with their own applicator. Other types that come without an applicator (stick lipstick, for example) can be spread with a thin brush;
  4. Iron again: you can make as many layers as you need until you get the shade you want. Therefore, make thinner layers (with little product) and reinforce them with other layers on top;
  5. Remove excess product: there are several techniques to remove excess lipstick and prevent it from smearing or staining your teeth. One of these tips is to use a piece of toilet paper to clean the inside of your lips.

If you miss the contour, try cleaning with a cotton swab dipped in make-up remover or micellar water. If that doesn’t work, use concealer (preferably liquid) to correct the error.

To emphasize the tone even more, apply a little foundation or primer on the lips before applying the lipstick. These products also contribute to the lipstick having a longer duration.

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Step by step to draw the mouth with lipstick

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Drawing your mouth with lipstick takes practice. Some tips can also help facilitate this contour:

  • Mark cupid’s bow with an X;
  • Then make points to delimit the regions where the contour is to be made;
  • Go around the mouth connecting these points with the X;
  • Fill the rest of the mouth with lipstick;
  • The cupid’s bow (that “V” region on the upper lips) and the designs on the lower lip must be respected. Do not try to make straight lines in these regions;
  • If it is difficult to secure the line, try to make the line with the elbow resting on a stable surface;
  •  Use a mouth pencil to make the outline and a thin brush to apply the lipstick;

Lipstick is one of the most famous and used makeup items.

With the variety of colors, textures and types, infinite combinations can be created. It can be used in all types of makeup, from the most loaded to the most basic.

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