Saline and its health benefits

Keeping the house clean, the work environment and remembering to clean the body properly, are simple and effective ways to prevent contagion by various viruses and bacteria. Nasal cleansing, although uncommon, can also make a difference on a daily basis with the use of a simple solution: saline.

Few people give due importance to the nose. It is one of the main entry points for viruses and bacteria, which can cause any type of disease, from a simple cold to a more aggressive virus. Therefore, whenever possible it is important to clean it properly.

Nasal cleansing       

When performed frequently it can be an extremely effective act against health problems. It can prevent cases of rhinitis , sinusitis , colds and even help in stopping nosebleeds. But, what is the best way to perform the cleaning? One of the least aggressive ways is the use of 0.9% saline.

It is known that its use can even improve the symptoms of ear or throat pain. The serum can be easily found in pharmacies, but those who prefer can also make a similar and homemade mixture (half a glass of water with a spoon of salt). Check out some tips to use it:

  • Before applying the product, warm it by rubbing it with your hands. This will heat the flask until it reaches body temperature;
  • Apply with the aid of a dropper or syringe. In the case of small children, the use of a cotton swab may be necessary, taking care that its stem does not hurt the mucosa;
  • Never insert the dropper or syringe again into the saline container after use. To avoid contamination of the product, prefer to put a small amount in a glass and then discard it;
  • With the head slightly tilted back, it is important to inject the indicated dosage as many times as necessary.

The benefits

Frequent washing with the use of saline prevents dryness of the nasal mucosa, in addition to eliminating possible allergenic agents present there.

In the case of people who suffer from ear infections and sore throats, due to the difficulty in breathing, this solution unclogs the nasal passages and improves breathing capacity.

Individuals with nasal problems, or who suffer from recurrent bleeding in this region must also become adept at this type of washing.