How To Buy Medicines Online Cheap Safely

Buying medicines and pharmacy items over the internet is simple, safe and fast. In the comfort of home, or wherever you are, it is possible to organize your wish list by cell phone or computer.

To facilitate this process, there is Consulta Medicines , which is an intuitive, accessible platform that allows more agility and savings in the purchase of hygiene, beauty and medication items. Do you want to see how simple and safe it is to find products and receive them at home? Check it step by step


Get to know the platform

Consulta Remédios is a portal that allows you to compare prices and buy more economically. That’s because the products shown are based on your location.

With navigation categories, the menus facilitate the search for products. This is ideal for those times when you want to take a look at the makes, models or variations of an item.

But if you already know exactly what you need, just use the search bar, typing the name, brand, category or term for the product.

Just fill in your zip code in the upper right corner so that the pharmacies that deliver to your region through couriers, couriers or carriers are shown on your screen.

Quickly, you will find all the items from the best pharmacies all over Brazil! This means that beauty products, personal hygiene, health, supplements and medicines are just a click away!

White prescription (standard prescription) and withheld prescription remedies: can I buy online?

Some drugs can be purchased online, as they do not require a prescription. They are common ones, like painkillers or flu. However, there are some cases where patients need some care or are unable to resort to internet shopping.

Common prescription medications are indicated with a white prescription. This type can be purchased online, as long as the recipe is attached at the time of purchase. This is essential so that there are no mistakes or mistakes, preserving the integrity of those who buy.

Withholding prescription drugs, on the other hand, cannot be purchased over the internet . You can use Consulta Remédios to find the best price near your region and find out in which units the product is available. But it is necessary to personally go to the pharmacy to continue the purchase, since the prescription will be retained in the store.

Create your account

In the upper right corner, you can create an account or access it, if you have already registered on the platform.

When clicking on “create your account”, just fill in the data correctly, having the option to link your account to social networks. There you will fill in the requested fields, such as delivery address, name and location, which will make it easier to find the best prices near you.

It is important to read the Terms of Use and General Privacy Conditions. These documents contain all the necessary information about your rights and the platform’s operations.

By checking the option “receive e-mail with news about the CR”, you sign up for the mailing. There is information and updates on promotions, changes and news from the platform.

When you go to the home page or browse the site, you can see in the right corner when you are logged in to your account.

Ah, you will receive an email confirming that your account has been created and is active.

Search for the product in the navigation menu

If you want to take a general look at the portal, you can visit and browse the categories in the menu on the left. Just click on “Browse by categories” and choose what you want to look at.

If you are looking for personal hygiene items, for example, just click on the category and browse the subcategories. Then you can see everything that is linked to the term.

Search for a specific product

If you are already sure of what you need, just type a term in the search field. It can be very specific or something more general. For example, “soap” will show all products referring to or named with soap. You can browse through all the options or search for a specific one.

Choose products

When you find the product you need, just click on the item and the information page is displayed.

In it, you will have access to information about the product, with a complete description on how to use and composition. If you are looking for medication, you will also find the complete package insert and information about the medication class (if it is generic, reference, similar, biological, for example).

If you want to see other drugs with the same substance, you can click on it, on the right side of the screen.

Below you will find the variations of each product. For example, if it is a medication, you can select the quantity of pills, mL or package size, as well as the dosage.

Regarding beauty items, you can find out and select which fragrances, product sizes or other specifications.

It is still possible to view the pharmacies and the price comparison, helping when it comes to seeing the most advantageous places to buy. At this point, there may be two options available: make a purchase through the Consulta Remédios platform or finalize directly on the pharmacy website.

Not all products have both options, so it is necessary to check the availability of each item. To know which type of purchase is very simple:

The green “buy” buttons allow the product to be added to the CR platform cart, while the red “click here to go to the store” button redirects you to the partner store so that the checkout can be done directly there.

But it is worth remembering that only by Consulta Remédios (buying with the green button) you can add items from different pharmacies , making a single purchase.

Add to cart

Did you find the product? Just add to the shopping cart by clicking on “buy”. The product will automatically be placed in your shopping basket, which will be updated on the right of the page.

Ah, if you have more items to buy, just repeat the process! You can follow the cart update in the right corner of the page.

There you can also remove or change the quantity of products in a very simple way – just click on “+” or “-” to increase or decrease the number of units, or “remove” to take the product out of your basket!

The price will be updated automatically, making it easier to track the purchase price.


After adding everything you need to the cart, just click on “checkout”. The page will be redirected to the data confirmation environment. There you can add the delivery location. Remember to fill in precisely the address and references.

In item 3, delivery method, you can see how your purchases will be received. If there are promotions, such as discounts or free shipping, it will be applied! If you wish, you can change the delivery method, choosing from those that are available.

When everything is right, click on Select and proceed to the last step.

In the payment part, item 4, you can choose to generate a payment slip, which must be paid to continue processing the purchase, or add the credit card details. In the latter case, you can split your purchases up to 6X without interest.

After confirming the data and proceeding with the purchase, the page will process the order.

Soon, order confirmed!

Tracking the purchase

By accessing your account, you can see the status of your purchase. It is possible to see if the payment has already been identified, if it went out for delivery and, if necessary, you will find data from the pharmacy, such as address and opening hours.

You will also receive an email confirming your purchase. Updates will be reported there too!

If there is a transaction error (in the case of a credit card) or the payment slip is not paid until the due date, your purchase will not be made.

Other situations, such as cancellation or reversal can be made, if necessary. To find this information, you can access the link .

Shopping through Consulta Remédios is simple, practical and economical. Take advantage now of discounts and advantages of using the best sales platform for medicines and products related to health and beauty!

Healthy Minute and the Consultations Remedies, together for a more protected life!