Green tea: extracts can decrease obesity risks

Green tea, extracted from Camellia sinensis plants , is already known by consumers – it is present in the diet and traditions of different peoples -, but also by scientists for being the subject of several investigations about its effects.

All of this has a reason. Green tea has numerous medicinal properties that bring health benefits, among them are analgesic, antiasthmatic, antibacterial, antioxidant, digestive, diuretic and stimulant effects.

With this, it can be important to relieve flu symptoms , reduce the risk of cancer and high cholesterol.

However, here it is already worth a recommendation, despite being a natural product, it is important that the use is made after medical advice, so that you can also specify to the doctor about your symptoms.

But, going back to talking about the presence of tea in laboratories, another study showed positive results for people’s health, in which the plant extracts were effective against obesity and stomach problems.

What does the study say?

The first step of the study was to test the green tea extract in the mice under different conditions.

Initially, one group of rodents received a fatty diet (inducing weight gain) and another maintained a normal diet.

In both food groups, half received green tea extracts and half did not.

This process lasted eight weeks of follow-up, and then the researchers checked how the animals were doing.

Through the study, it was possible to see the following situation: the mice on the fatty diet together with green tea had less insulin resistance and had less weight gain when compared to the other half of the group, who ate the fatty diet but did not receive the tea .

This same group also showed less inflammation in the adipose tissue and in the intestine.

However, according to the study’s authors, it is still too early to consider these same results in humans, even though it is already considered a breakthrough in discovering the benefits of green tea.

Good bacteria

It is common to associate the word “bacterium” with a microscopic being capable of causing health problems.

However, in the study shown above, the tea extract was also shown to stimulate the reproduction of bacteria considered healthy in the intestine.

But what exactly are these good bacteria?

So, these microorganisms present in our body are responsible for several functions that contribute to the correct progress of the human body.

Among them, the function helps to restore the intestinal flora, which improves the absorption of nutrients and the body’s defenses.

The drinks with live lactobacilli, which we usually buy at the supermarket, are a good example of these beneficial health agents.

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Therefore, in addition to the famous fermented milks, it is possible to help our intestinal flora by inserting green tea into the diet.

Worldwide speaking, by the year 2025, it is estimated that about 2.3 billion people are overweight.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of health and prevent this disease that affects not only adults, but also children.