Sore throat remedy: from home to anti-inflammatory

Be it a homemade recipe or a medication, everyone knows at least one remedy option for sore throat . After all, this is a very uncomfortable and recurring symptom.

Common in flu-like conditions, colds, inflammation in the amygdala or pharynx and infections (viral and bacterial), sore throat is a problem that affects people at any age.

When it is a persistent symptom, the ideal is to see a doctor as soon as possible to investigate the cause through an appropriate diagnosis.

For treatment, there are pharmacological and other homemade options, which can assist in recovery.

Check out the main remedies for sore throat:


Home remedies: what is good for sore throat and flu?

In addition to the medications prescribed by the doctor, there are some homemade recipes that can help relieve sore throat.

For this, teas are quite popular. They have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, as well as vitamins that help to strengthen the immune system.

In addition, as it is a hot drink, it provides relaxation of the muscles in the throat region and helps to relieve pain.

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Check out some options of teas and other recipes:

Consumption of liquids (teas, water and juices)

It is not exactly a medicine, but staying well hydrated during a cold or flu , which are related to sore throat, is essential.

It can be difficult to want to drink enough fluids due to discomfort when swallowing, but good hydration helps the body to secrete mucus more easily.

In general, teas are the most used for this hydration.

For sore throats, the recommended ones are those that take ingredients considered as medicinal, with anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and decongestant action.

Some of them are honey tea with lemon, garlic, ginger , eucalyptus and plantain.

However, soups and juices are also welcome. These should preferably be prepared with nutritious ingredients and fresh fruits.


It seems strange and the fear of getting bad breath can scare people away from this ingredient. But garlic is a spice with great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and capable of increasing immunity.

Garlic can be eaten raw in pieces or added to teas and soups.

Mint and chocolate 70% cocoa

Mint is a home remedy for sore throat because it helps to relieve the discomfort and discomfort caused by the symptom. Along with chocolate, which should be 70% cocoa, it helps to moisturize the throat and reduce irritation.

This is because cocoa is very rich in flavonoids, substances that have anti-inflammatory action.

Soups and broths

With a sore and sore throat, it can be tricky to eat heavier foods that are difficult to swallow, such as meat, pasta and crunchy foods.

So, taking some broths and soups can be a good option.

In addition to helping to relieve pain, as it is a warmer food, it can also be prepared with ingredients such as garlic and ginger, which help to strengthen immunity.

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Another homemade method for sore throat is gargling. It is usually done to treat a sore throat caused by an inflammation.

It can be done with warm water and salt, with chamomile, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, arnica and several other ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Tea for sore throat: what is good to relieve?

The use of plants as home remedies is a very common habit. In teas, the practice is even more recurrent. For the treatment of sore throat it is also like this, there are several options that can help to treat the inflammation and also when there are other associated symptoms, such as earache and hoarseness.

See what they are:

Tea with lemon and honey: helps to treat the flu

Lemon tea with honey is a classic combination of home remedy against sore throat and other flu and cold symptoms.

Lemon is an important ingredient to soothe sore throat as it is anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamin C.

Honey, on the other hand, also helps to provide momentary pain relief and also to relieve cough , by reducing mucus in the airways.

To prepare, mix the juice of 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 cup of water, and bring to the fire.

When starting to boil, add slices of lemon (about half of it) and leave for another 5 minutes. Then just strain and drink.

Ginger tea: to relieve hoarseness

Ginger has properties with analgesic and anti-inflammatory action in the body, so it is an ingredient considered a good remedy for sore throat.

To make tea, the ideal is to use the fresh root, as there is a better extraction of the substances.

To prepare it, you must first wash the ginger root thoroughly and cut it into small pieces. It is also possible to make with the grated ginger.

Boil the water and when it is very hot, turn the heat down and add the ginger.

With the pan covered, boil for 5 to 10 minutes. Then just strain and serve. It can be sweetened with honey or taken pure.

Plantain tea: improves the sore throat

Among the various benefits it promises, plantain stands out for being a medicinal plant with anti-inflammatory, decongestant and analgesic potential.

So it can be recommended for anyone who has a sore throat and cough.

For plantain tea, 20g of plant leaves are needed for 1L of water.

In a container, boil the water and then place the leaves. Simmer for another 3 minutes, preferably with a lid to smother. Then strain and serve.

Eucalyptus tea: improves the immune response

Eucalyptus tea can help relieve sore throat by improving the body’s immune response, accelerating the healing of an inflammatory process that is causing the symptom, for example.

To do this, use 1 tablespoon of chopped eucalyptus leaves to 1 cup of boiling water.

Leave the leaves in very hot water for 5 minutes and when it is warm, just strain and drink.

Medicines: what to take for sore throat?

There are several remedies that help to cure sore throat , as they treat the disease that caused the symptom. The most common are:

  • Antibiotics ( Amoxil and Astro );
  • Anti-inflammatories ( Ibuprofen , Acetylsalicylic acid , Nimesulide );
  • Analgesics ( Paracetamol ).

In addition, it is possible to use sprays and lozenges can also help to ease discomfort and relieve irritations.

It is important to know that the use of antibiotics is only done with a prescription and the prescription is retained at the pharmacy at the time of purchase. Therefore, to find out what is the most suitable for you, consult a doctor for follow-up. With the diagnosis, this professional will know which medicine should be taken.


NEVER self-medicate or stop using a medication without first consulting a doctor. Only he will be able to tell which medication, dosage and duration of treatment is the most suitable for his specific case. The information contained on this site is only intended to inform, not in any way intended to replace the guidance of a specialist or serve as a recommendation for any type of treatment. Always follow the instructions on the package insert and, if symptoms persist, seek medical or pharmaceutical advice.

Remedy for sore throat in babies or children

In babies, treating sore throat requires even more caution, as, depending on age, some homemade foods and teas should not be given. The same goes for medicines.

The use of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and other remedies that help treat the causes of sore throat should only be done when the pediatrician makes the prescription.

In older children, some recipes and home care can be done, such as drinking tea, gargling, soups and broths that help improve the immune response and heal the sore throat.

Remedy for sore throat in pregnant women

In the face of a sore throat, the most recommended is that the pregnant woman choose home remedies and never use medication on her own . Even with teas there must be greater care, because in large quantities some are also bad, such as ginger. When the pain is persistent, the woman should see a doctor.

To avoid sore throat and having to resort to the use of medications, the pregnant woman must maintain a preventive routine.

It includes a balanced diet, periodic visits to the doctor, good hygiene of food and environments, in addition to stress reduction .

If the use of any medication is really necessary, it is the doctor who should guide the pregnant woman. The prescribed remedy must be done taking into account each patient’s condition.

Feeling pain or irritation in the throat when eating, drinking, talking or coughing: who has never been through this moment? Unfortunately, it is a common and often recurring symptom.

With seasonal diseases, allergies and inflammation in the region, the problem is often present.

It is not always possible to get rid of this problem quickly, there is no miracle recipe to cure sore throat in 1 day.

But there are ways to speed up this process, for example, by taking medications correctly and using home recipes.

However, this does not rule out the importance of consulting with a doctor. Remember: self-medication is a risk and should not be a daily practice.

In addition, people who use medicines for continuous use should be more careful with possible interactions with other medicines and teas.

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