Government releases price of non-prescription drugs

The so-called MIP drugs, that is, drugs that can be purchased at the pharmacy without the need for a medical prescription and that are used to treat symptoms and minor ailments, will have their prices released by the government.

The information, published in resolution 2 of the main entity in the drug trade, the Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (CMED), says that this class of drugs will not have a defined ceiling for the price of drugs.

This means that the drug prices will be defined by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, so that competition with other companies will set the price throughout the year.

Currently, only 30% of medicines have free prices, but according to the government, the idea is that all medicines in this category are released, especially those with greater competition.

However, for medicines that do not have as much out of the market, the government must stipulate some other control in the price.

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Importance in the pocket

The current change may be positive for users who use these drugs, as the likelihood is that the drugs will have their prices reduced.

This is because with companies competing with others for the same product, the differential will be the one with the best cost benefit, and as it does not have a maximum or minimum price, it is the offers that will win the consumer.

But this change in prices will only be seen after a longer period, since the recent authorization will have a gradual impact on the prices of medicines.

CMED price control

The Medicines Market Regulation Chamber establishes a limit on the prices of medicines. This is necessary so that marketing, pricing and competition in the sector are carried out in a guaranteed manner and without extrapolating prices.

Recently released, the products considered to be exempt from medical prescription, can be sold without a prescription, they are, in general, those used to treat less severe symptoms, such as headaches, fever , cough , thrush and nasal congestion.

Until then, about 30% had no price stipulation. With the new resolution, the idea is that all MIP drugs will be released.

After the annual drug readjustment, the government announces that MIP drugs (non-prescription drugs) will have their prices released. Which can mean savings for the consumer.