Wound ointment: see how to care for wounds

Bruises are always present in our lives, whether in childhood during games, in adulthood during running or even at the best age when there are small carelessness.

And when they do happen, it is important to make dressings. Ointments can be used to accelerate the healing process

In this text, our team gathered information about the ointments that can be used in each case.

Always remembering that depending on the severity or the location of the injury, the ideal is to seek a hospital, to assess the need to take stitches.


What injuries can be treated with ointments?

The injuries can vary from cuts, fissures, diaper rash and even burns.

Some are easy to heal and may be better even the next day. Others take longer and may take up to 1 month to show signs of improvement.

We bring some suggestions of ointments to treat wounds in different places. Check out:

In the mouth

From small thrush to cuts (when we bite the cheek, for example), the internal bruises in the mouth are quite annoying, especially when it comes to eating and brushing your teeth.

The lips may also have minor bleeding, especially when they are cracked or exposed to intense cold.

In such cases, some examples of indicated products are the Avène Cicalfate lip balm and the Bepantol Derma lip regenerator . Both promise hydration and softness to the lips.

In the face

The bruises suffered on the face can range from minor cuts, minor burn injuries and even a pimple that has inflamed.

One of the ointments that can be used to treat facial wounds is Bepantol Derma .

Its main function is hydration and regeneration of small wounds. It has no alcohol or perfume. Its formula contains vitamin B5 that soothes the dermis and repairs the skin barrier. The application must be made directly on the injured area, massaging it.

The ointment is made on an oily basis and is therefore recommended for open wounds, as it is able to create a protective layer due to the amount of waste it leaves on the skin.

At one

For nails, it is recommended to avoid chemically strong products (such as cleaning products, for example) so as not to make the pain and irritation even worse.

The person should also take a break from going to the manicure: it is important not to be stirring and poking the place. Some nail polishes and products (like acetone) also tend to be even more annoying.

If the injury is recurrent, it is legal to investigate what is the cause of it (an ingrown toenail? A ringworm?) And from there to do the correct treatment.

Depending on where the injury is (under the nail), you can also seek guidance from a dermatologist.

In the anogenital region

The region known as anogenital is that part of the body that says it belongs to the anus and genital regions, the vulva (vagina, clitoris, urethra and lips) for women and the scrotum together with penis for men.

This region is very delicate and, therefore, it is important to seek the guidance of a doctor (a) there are always bruises, wounds or pain in these organs.

Some of the ointments indicated for the anogenital region are:


The Depantex is indicated for the treatment and healing of diaper rash, burns and minor wounds.

You should use it 1 to 3 times a day, with the affected area clean, until the symptoms disappear completely.


Oxyderme is indicated for cases of diaper rash and irritation in the genital region. In addition to protecting the skin, it also prevents new complications from happening.

The use is made by passing the ointment twice a day on the bruise.

Nystatin + Neo Chemical Zinc Oxide

This combination of Nystatin + Zinc Oxide Neo Química is indicated to treat diaper rashes and irritations caused by the use of diapers or absorbents, in addition to infections caused by the fungus Candida.

The application must be done twice a day, after washing and drying the area correctly.

Benzevit Prevent

Benzevit Prevent ointment has a drying and healing function, mainly in the treatment of diaper rash, light burns and sprouts.

To apply it, just clean the place correctly.

What are the ointments for each type of injury?

First of all, it is important to say that in the pharmaceutical industry, each product is manipulated for a certain purpose.

For example, there is no point in taking a headache medicine if you have back pain .

The same thing happens with ointments. All of them contain specific formula to treat a type of wound.

Before talking about the ointments indicated for each type of injury, it is worth emphasizing that the degree of the injury should always be evaluated.

Depending on the severity, the ideal is to pass nothing and go straight to the hospital, especially in open wounds that have more chances of contamination.

Know some options of ointments that can be used to treat the most diverse injuries:

Lesions by bacteria

Let’s start by talking about ointments that treat open wounds or bruises caused by bacteria (such as acne ). Slight cuts and burns can also be treated with these ointments.

Despite the benefits, it is important to note that all products listed below should not be used on babies and pregnant women.

The main examples of these groups are:


Nebacetin is an antibacterial ointment indicated to treat minor cuts and minor burns. It can also be used as a way of preventing infections in the skin and mucous membranes.


The Bactoderm is a product contains two antibiotics (neomycin and bacitracin zíncica) that act together to prevent various types of bacteria cause wounds and injuries.

Usage is daily and the application is 2 to 5 times.


The Pomicina main function is the treatment of boils, wounds and burns caused by bacteria.

The way to apply is simple: wash and dry the area, use the ointment and cover the area with gauze.


Nebacimed is an ointment that promises to help improve minor and minor injuries in up to 3 days of use. Wounds and burns in larger areas can improve within 10 days.


The Nemicina is an antibacterial drug used for preventing and healing wounds, cuts or burns caused by bacteria.

The use is made between 1 and 3 times a day, after cleaning and drying the wound.


Ferid can be used on lesions that have pus or not, helping them to heal. Wounds caused by acne and other injuries can also be treated with this ointment.

Lesions made by Larva migrans

Another specific group is the ointments that treat the wounds caused by Larva migrans (also called serpiginosa dermatitis or “ geographic bug ”).

It should be used between 2 and 5 times a day in the affected area. Among them are Tiaplex and Foldan .

Lighter injuries

The ointments indicated for broader situations usually treat all types of minor injuries.

Examples of these products are:


The function Berlison is to treat burns, wounds caused by insects and mild degrees of dermatitis.

In children up to 4 years of age, the product should not be used for more than 3 weeks.


Minancora is a product that has 3 basic functions to avoid aggravating the injury: preventing the proliferation of microorganisms, helping with healing and stimulating the formation of a protective layer.


The Kollagenase is an ointment that treats and prevents the wounds caused by diseases such as diabetes or dermatitis.

Its duration is 24 hours of protection and skin regeneration.

Iruxol Mono

Iruxol Mono’s main function is to accelerate the process of collagen formation, so that it helps in the repair of the wound.

The first effects tend to be noticed after 8 hours after using the product.


The Cicatenol is an ointment that can be applied to wounds or rashes on the nipples, in the anogenital area, lips, mucous membranes or skin in general.

Because it contains vitamin B5 in its formula, in addition to the wound healing, the skin is also hydrated and fortified.


Fibrase aims to help treat open wounds or skin lesions that are inflamed.

Ointments for bruised baby

Babies require a lot of care and as they are in a discovery phase, it is normal for them to get hurt with nails, toys and even other babies.

At these times, stay calm and try to understand the seriousness of the situation, to assess whether it requires a pediatric evaluation.

Another situation that can cause discomfort and discomfort in the baby are the changes and frequent use of diapers, which tend to leave the baby’s bottom baked.

In the latter case, treatment can be done with the following ointments:


The Babymed it is intended to protect the baby skin rashes and cracks.

It contains vitamins (A and D) that help to form a protective barrier on the skin.

But beware: it should not be used on open wounds.


Alivbaby has the function of mitigating the damage caused by friction. So it can be used to relieve diaper rash and burns.

The application should be done after the bath with clean and dry skin.


The Dermodex is a product that promises to improve rashes up to 48 hours of use, bringing more comfort for the baby.

It can also be applied to small cuts and bruises, as long as they are not large or severe.

Desitin Creamy

Desitin Creamy is an ointment whose main differential is the presence of Aloe Vera in the formula, which promotes hydration in the skin. In addition to treating diaper rash, it also helps in the improvement of minor injuries.

Sample tol baby

The Probentol baby is ideal for the baby’s skin, as it has no dyes or perfumes, avoiding the appearance of allergies as much as possible.

To use, just apply a thin layer to the affected region.


Hipoglós is an ointment that in addition to treating diaper rash, also prevents its appearance, since it forms a protective barrier on the baby’s skin.

Use must be made with each diaper change.

Ointment for bruising in elderly

The elderly are a group that can suffer from injuries more easily, due to the fragility of the skin. Ointments, in these cases, can aid in the regeneration of the dermis.

At this stage, some ointments indicated are Geriaderm and Bepantriz .

Both have the function of protecting the skin of the elderly from diaper rash, fissures and wounds that are caused by the use of geriatric diapers.

In addition to prevention, these products can also be used to aid in the healing and regeneration of the skin.

Ointment for bruising in pregnant woman

In general, the correct thing is for the pregnant woman to seek the guidance of the obstetrician who accompanies the pregnancy to know which ointments should be used.

To mitigate the effects of stretch marks , future moms can use products specially designed for them, such as Cicatricure Maternity Anti Stretch Cream , which should be applied in the morning and at night in places where it is more likely to have cracks.

Ointments for bruises after surgery

First of all, it is worth reinforcing our maxim: the ointments mentioned in this text should in no way replace the medical recommendation.

That is, if your doctor recommends an ointment to be used in the postoperative period, the ideal is that such guidance is followed.

This is because, all the surgery, even being small, can trigger major complications.

For the treatment of surgical procedures in general that have left purple marks and bruises on the skin, some ointments can help: Hirudoid , Feloid and Motix .

If the surgery was anorectal , the ointments recommended for the treatment of ulcers are Hemofiss , Hemodase and Hemocort . All should be used 2 to 3 times a day in the affected area, if indicated by the doctor.

When the goal is to prevent injuries during surgery, you can use the Neomycin Sulfate Prati-Donaduzzi ointment , which should be applied 3 times a day on the area that tends to be injured also with medical advice.

In case of doubt, do not pass anything and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Ointment for bruises after dermatological procedures

Dermatological procedures, especially those that use lasers, tend to leave minor burns and fissures on the skin.

The ideal, of course, is to talk to the (a) dermatologist who performed the procedure to find out whether or not there is a need to use an ointment and which would be the most suitable for your case.

A good example of a product that can be used is the Intensive repair ointment Eucerin Aquaphor , which moisturizes and promotes softness and smoothness in the skin for up to 24 hours.

But it is important to remember that these ointments can be used only with the recommendation of the dermatologist. 

This is because, depending on the procedure that will be done, the substances present in the product can change the result of the procedure.

Ointments to treat injuries are diverse and should be used sparingly and as directed by a doctor. If you experience irritation and allergies, discontinue use and seek a specialist. The newsroom of Hickey solution brings other content on health so that you and your family have a better quality of life. Access our texts!