Can pregnant woman take fennel tea? See if it’s bad

Fennel tea is one of the most popular, either for its effects on the body or for its flavor. During pregnancy, it is normal for women to want to consume it, but be afraid about safety.

The good news is that fennel tea can be drunk by pregnant women, as long as there is moderation , after all, everything in excess can be bad.

This tea can be made from the seeds or leaves of the plant and can be taken hot or cold.

In case of doubt, seek the guidance of your obstetrician.


What is fennel tea for?

Fennel is effective in combating nausea, heartburn , excessive gas , constipation , belly pain and other intestinal complications. Tea from this herb can also calm nerves and anxiety , especially after a stressful and tiring day.

In addition, this drink is still recommended for the days of headache , sore throat , cold , cough , phlegm and runny nose.

In addition, tea is widely used to aid in:


Fennel tea, used to make compresses or even ingested normally, can be beneficial in the healing processes of the skin.


Laboratory studies have found anti-inflammatory substances present in fennel. Thus, tea can assist in strengthening the body against inflammation processes resulting from various diseases and conditions.


Laboratory analyzes indicate that using the plant can protect cells, especially those in the gastric region, which is greatly benefited by the antioxidant action.


Frequent use of fennel can benefit the kidneys. This favors the correct elimination of liquids, promoting a diuretic action.

In addition to reducing swelling and fluid retention, all kidney functions are benefited, helping to treat infections and diseases in the urinary tract (bladder, urethral canal and kidneys).

Benefits of fennel tea in pregnancy

When consumed correctly, this plant can bring benefits to mom and baby. Meet some of them:

Fight stress

Fennel tea has calming properties that reach the pregnant woman (making her less nervous) and the baby (who tends to be less agitated).

Decreases intestinal discomfort

Another benefit of this infusion is the fight against nausea, heartburn and constipation, which can happen quite frequently during pregnancy.

Aid in milk production

For women who are in the late pregnancy or even during the breastfeeding period, fennel tea is positive, as it stimulates the production of breast milk.

Can fennel tea harm you during pregnancy?

Fennel tea can cause allergies and irritations, especially in pregnant women who have intestinal complications (such as reflux and ulcers). Pregnant women who have iron deficiency and take supplements to make up for the lack of it should also avoid this drink, as it can further reduce the presence of this mineral.

Therefore, the ideal is that the tea is consumed moderately, being approximately between 3 and 5 cups per week.

If you can’t go without a cup of tea in the afternoon or before bed, you can make a rotation with various herbs (mixing between fennel, chamomile, lemongrass, etc.).

Can pregnant woman take fennel tea for gas?

Yes, this drink can be used by pregnant women to reduce discomfort caused by gases.

In addition to drinking fennel tea, this problem can be alleviated with the help of some changes or good habits.

For example, foods that cause gases such as beans , cabbage, eggs, sweet potatoes , broccoli, fried foods and sweets should be avoided .

Another tip is to practice walking and light exercises. Thus, the gases are eliminated with the movements of the body.

Fennel tea can be drunk during pregnancy, as long as there is no exaggeration. If in doubt, consult the obstetrician who accompanies the pregnancy.

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