Humira: find out if you put on weight or make your hair fall out

With the advancement of technologies, more and more medicines are being manufactured to treat diseases that, many times, are not part of the daily debates of the population, such as diseases in the joints.

When we talk about this type of problem, we usually associate it with senior citizens. Despite this, problems with ligaments and tendons can reach any age, including children.

For these diseases there are some remedies and, among them, Humira.


What is Humira?

Humira is the trade name of the active ingredient Adalimumab – antibody produced in the laboratory. It is a medication manufactured by AbbVie, and its purpose is to treat inflammatory diseases in the joints, skin and intestines, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s Disease .

The drug binds to the protein called Tumor Necrosis Factor, which is present at high levels in inflammatory diseases. It works by neutralizing its inflammatory action.

It is a high-cost drug and has two options: Humira and Humira AC.

What is the difference from Humira to Humira AC?

Humira AC has the same formulation as the conventional version, but with a reduction of some components. This makes the application of the medication less painful. In other words, the change was designed for the greater comfort of the patient.

Among these excipients are, for example, pH stabilizers, which contribute to the painful sensation during application. Now, according to studies, pain right after application has been reduced by about 84% with the new formulation.

In addition, the conventional Humira has only 40mg doses. With the new formulation, there are doses of 20mg, 40mg and 80mg, depending on the intention of using the medicine.

What is the medicine Humira for?

According to the package insert, Humira is a medicament indicated for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the joints, skin and intestine such as arthritis rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic. The drug also serves to:

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis – inflammation in the spine;
  • Crohn’s disease – inflammation in the lining of the digestive tract;
  • Ulcerative Colitis or Ulcerative Colitis – inflammation in the digestive tract;
  • Plaque psoriasis – inflammation of the skin;
  • Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis – inflammation of the membrane that lines the joints;
  • Axial spondyloarthritis – inflammation in the joints, tendons and ligaments;
  • Hidradenitis Suppurativa – chronic inflammatory skin disease;
  • Uveitis – inflammation of the middle layer of the eye;
  • Entesitis-related arthritis – inflammation of the ligaments and tendons.

The doctor will assess the patient’s need to use Humira according to the symptoms presented by the patient.

Risks: What are the side effects of adalimumab?

Like other medications, the active ingredient adalimumab can cause some adverse reactions. According to the package insert, some side effects are: changes in the blood system, heart problems and respiratory disorders.

The most common reactions caused by the drug are:

Despite these effects, it is important to note that not every organism is the same. Thus, each person may have a different reaction to the use of the medication, with or without side effects.

Does Humira make hair fall?

It depends . The alopecia – hair loss and by – is one of the side effects of the drug.

Despite this, the fall will not necessarily occur, as there is a possibility that the condition will not occur in all people who use the medication.

Humira is fattening?

Not necessarily. There is no evidence that the drug directly contributes to weight gain.

One of the side effects of Humira, according to the package insert, is the change in metabolism and nutrition. This change promotes the increase of lipids (fat) in the blood.

Despite this, it cannot be said that this increase will cause significant changes in the balance.

It is worth remembering that, despite being considered a common reaction, not all people react equally to the medication.

How to apply the Humira medicine?

The use of the Humira medication is done via subcutaneous injection (injected under the skin) and can be done by the responsible doctor or even by the patient. If self-application is chosen, adequate training is required for the correct handling of the product at the time of execution.

Self-application is performed on the thighs or abdomen. The injection sites must be alternated with each application, always being at least 3cm away from the last injection. In the case of the abdomen, it is necessary to apply at a distance of 5 cm from the navel.

Can anyone taking adalimumab become pregnant?

It is not indicated. According to the package leaflet, the use of adalimumab during pregnancy is not recommended, as it can cross the placenta and come into contact with the fetus, causing risks of infection.

Therefore, the drug should only be used during pregnancy under medical guidance, when the potential benefits justify the possible risks to the fetus.

Alcohol: who takes Humira can drink beer?

It is not recommended. The consumption of alcoholic beverages during treatment with medications is not indicated, as it can cause health problems.

What is the price of each dosage?

The Humira is an expensive drug. Its value varies between R $ 10,000 and R $ 12,000 for dosages of 40mg and 80mg *.

The 20mg dosage has a lower value, around R $ 5000 *.

* Prices consulted in November 2019. Prices may change.

How to get Humira SUS hair?

First, it is necessary to have the medical indication for the use of the medication. Next, patients must make an administrative request at the health facilities indicated by the doctor.

If there is no release, the person is indicated to seek the drug by court.

For this, it is necessary to open a case, following the stipulated procedures. Among them, submit the Medical Report, exams, standard requirement, in addition to the budget of 3 pharmacies.

For those who will make the request, it is possible to count on the personalized assistance of the Consultancy for quotation of high-cost medicines, which makes a personalized budget, in a simple and facilitated way.

Just access the link and fill in your details. In a short time we will send you a quote. All this with a personalized service, for you to take care of your health!

Inflammatory joint diseases are more common than you might think. In Brazil, there are about 150 thousand cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis per year.

To help treat these diseases, there are remedies like Humira. If you have a medical prescription and are looking for legal budgets for obtaining the medicine, Consulta Remédios can help in this process!

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